[DAO:ae2c9fb] Add Union Avatars to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0xed0177a2d832ff5cd6ae60e90f2b08b848932420

Should Union Avatars be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NFT Collections Description

Union Avatars VRM

is a interoperable NFT collection developed by Union Avatars, a multistyle avatar generator platform that aims to represent your identity in virtual worlds.

The collection features 3D versions of your created avatars built on Polygon blockchain


We would like to give our community the possibility to take their avatar into Decentraland and offering them the opportunity to represent their identity in the platfrom.

Items to be Uploaded


Intellectual Property

Here https://app.unionavatars.com/general-terms-of-use you can check our terms of use.

Smart Contract Address

  • 0xCDaf95eab7c1201bE365E906599A3483c8780129

Manager Addresses

  • 0xF1645A7c8Af57ddf2148d6aA9FEDb1C248d203ec
  • 0x3E731ECd8973b6b6c2Aa4d3FC102B03c8364E623
  • 0xEd0177a2D832Ff5cd6ae60e90F2B08B848932420

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • No

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hey any plans for dcl if this is approved?

I’ve heard of Union Avatars before! I wanted to vote yes because I’m familiar with the brand. I also want to see more successful Linked Wearable collections in DCL.

After clicking over to the OpenSea link - I almost thought this was fraudulent. 5 holders? 7 random NFTs that look like some sort of placeholder.

I’d like to see an active collection containing valid NFTs with authentic hodlers in order to vote yes.

Hi @dogman , @DOCTORdripp ,

CaiCrucial here from Union Avatars.

Apologize if we didn’t had a clear proposal, we were not sure 100% on how this proposal have to be presented.

The OpenSea collection that we linked is the contract were all the generated NFT from the Avatars will go. As you can see, there is still only the testing ones as we didn’t deploy it to production for the final users yet, but we wanted to know if we can get integrated in Decentraland on the meantime before releasing it.

We will allow all our users to mint their NFT’s in Polygon on this upcoming Quarter, so they can move with the same avatar across different platforms.

We will update the OS collection accordingly and provide with more details on the proposal, so it’s clearer for everyone, or reapply if it’s needed.

Any feedback you can give us will be of much value,

Hello, thank you for your proposal. I will vote NO at this time, but I would encourage you to become part of the DCL community. There are so many members who are very knowledgeable around your topic and maybe this would be a good start in becoming integrated in Decentraland.

Hi @DedHeadJ , perfect thanks for the tip.

Will do my homework in joining the community and reapply again.


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hey @caicrucial great attitude to have. Yes it is better to come with a complete collection and plans for what you will do if approved. LW needs to benefit both dcl and your collection. Voting no on this but encouraging you to check out some other linked wearables (woodies is a great example) and plan a bit more. Better luck in the future :slight_smile:


Add Union Avatars to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 5,047 VP (20 votes)
  • No 79% 4,112,159 VP (40 votes)
  • Abstain 20% 1,093,559 VP (14 votes)