[DAO: QmWupQV] Add The User Collection CryptoAvatars to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0xfec33a90737254dcf9aa33188a11f32797197f93 (ToxSam)

Should The User Collection CryptoAvatars be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NFT Collections Description

5004 interoperable 3D avatars collection in Polygon.

Inspired on the visual representation of humans and software in TRON movies, The User collection utilizes digital elements to generates unique beings that are equals inside the metaverse.

The collection has:
3 different body types
5 Level types
5 Factions
10 Buffers
8 Servers

Items to be Uploaded


Intellectual Property

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In Polygonal Mind and CryptoAvatars we believe in interoperability across worlds, and our goal is to make it happen.

The User collection was original created to get people into the metaverse by giving them a 3D avatar. This avatar collection was meant to be a gift to all NFT.NYC 2021 attendees, but only 500 of them were claimed so far.

We decided to mint all the remaining avatars and provide them as rewards in the upcoming event of MegaCube 2, so we’ll have aover 4000 avatars to give away to Decentraland community.

This collection is fully ready to get integrated and the API too.

Smart Contract Address

  • 0x28CcbE824455a3b188c155b434E4E628BABb6FFa

Manager Address

  • 0x5307bc13E6ad3272d081Bfe5c904495BE5dDfA2A

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • Yes


This collection was made programatically in Blender.

We created 3 base models, Male, Female and generated traits to diferentiate them.

All this traits we’re done and rigged separatedly, and we used Blender as a mixing too produce the 5004 items as VRM and GLB.

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I voted yes: Polygonal Mind has been fundamental to the early development of DCL and there have been few teams that have shown the level of dedication to building in DCL as Polygonal Mind. I strongly encourage everyone to vote yes. This is a no brainer for me.

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Polygonal mind has been doing sosos many incredible builds, meetups and I personally love thier cryptoavatars project. It’s also a no brainer to me…can’t wait for Megacube 2 to come out!

Add The User Collection CryptoAvatars to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 5,545,570 VP (90 votes)
  • No 1% 36,217 VP (1 votes)

Add The User Collection CryptoAvatars to the Linked Wearables Registry

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