[DAO:9ed9e23] Update #5 for project "DAO Governance Squad 1H2024 Budget Renewal"

Author: 0x511a22cdd2c4ee8357bb02df2578037ffe8a4d8d
Update Status: Late
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Hi community, here’s our latest update regarding the work we’ve been doing with the Governance Squad unit. Join us to learn more about our latest releases and what’s coming while we get to the end of our grant period.


  • We released the first version of the Projects Insights feature to highlight relevant information regarding community projects after the DAO has funded them. Until now, everything was packed under the Proposal view, but that view highlighted important aspects of the proposal while the voting period but hidden aspects that were more important after the project had been funded.
  • We are already all in on the implementation phase of the new DAO landing page
  • As we stated in our previous update, we started the efforts related to launching the Resubmission flow.


  • No blockers currently

Next steps

The next update will be the last one for this grant period. We will wrap up the work we’re currently executing while we also try to deliver an improved iteration of the Project Insights view. We are also planning to enhance the account linking feature for Notifications (Currently there is no way to unlink accounts).

Additional notes and links

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