[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #2 for proposal "DAO Governance Squad 2H2023 Budget Renewal"

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Update Status: On Time
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Hi community, Gino here reporting from the Governance Squad with the latest updates and releases from our team. Please keep reading if you want to know more about the developments of our governance tooling stack.


I’ll summarize some of the highlights, but as always, you can check out our Releases page and our Project Board on Github to see the entire changelog for the Governance dApp.

New Features

  • Vesting Contract Dashboard Improvements: We overhauled the Vesting Contract Dashboard used by grantees and members of the DCL ecosystem who hold a MANA vesting contract. Now the dashboard supports Paused and Revoked contracts and displays the amount of money the DAO saved if the Contract got revoked.
  • Voting Timeline Chart: We added a handy visualization on the proposals page to see how voters behave while the proposal is open. Users can now see who voted what and when and have a quick overview of how the wallets influenced a proposal’s outcome.
    Note: This is only available for Yes/No/Abstain type of proposals.
  • Snapshot Error Notification: Given the usual hiccups with Snapshot, the platform we use to cast votes with on-chain reference, we released a notification bar that after pinging the Snapshot service and receiving slow or not consistent responses, gets displayed in our Governance dApp notifying our users about the issue.

You can see all these features demoed on this Team Demos recording page.


This was a heavy month regarding technical maintenance. Please check our releases page to see a detailed breakdown of all the PRs merged in the last month.


  • Nothing blocking us right now. As we reported last month Multi-delegation strategy continues to be on hold until a set of broader strategic Governance changes are in place.
  • We had to deal with an issue we introduced in the Budgeting mechanism for our Grants program, for more info please read this topic.

Next steps

  • Notifications: The team continues the implementation of a Notification system. The goal of this feature is to notify community members of governance-related events to keep them informed and engaged.
  • Identity V2: After launching the Discourse account linking, the plan is to also release a way to link your Decentraland wallet-based accounts with your Discord accounts.
  • Improvements to the accountability/transactions report on the Transparency page: The community has proposed several small improvements that could enhance the way financial data is displayed on the Transparency page and hopefully during the next month we will be able to line up those changes.

Additional notes and links

Check our work:

Give us feedback on our Canny board

View this update on the Governance dApp