[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #3 for proposal "DAO Governance Squad 2H2023 Budget Renewal"

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Hi folks! Gino reporting from the Gov Squad team. This update is full of new features and value created for the Decentraland DAO Community, join me if you want to learn all things shipped in the last month!


I’ll summarize the more prominent projects, but as always, you can check out our Releases page and our Project Board on GitHub to see the entire changelog and work in progress for the Governance dApp.

  • Notifications
    We released the first version of the governance-related notifications system. Now users can subscribe and receive in-app notifications in the Governance platform. This first release enabled four types of notifications: Proposals that you voted on finished, proposals that you created finished, proposals co-authoring requests, and vesting contracts created for approved Grant requests.
    This is the first version and we have more notification types planned for the future. If you want to give us feedback or ideas for new notifications please use our Feedback board!
    Something important about this feature is that we took a protocol-first approach, so we built the notifications system using PUSH (Previously EPNS) so DAO members can receive their notifications not only on the Governance dApp but on any other service that consumes PUSH notifications (Like the PUSH app itself, Chrome notifications, Metamask Snaps, among others)

-Full UI Revamp
The team worked on improving the user interface and experience of the Governance platform both on mobile and web versions. The interface now displays a wider container with more information about proposals and authors simplifying the reading experience and giving our users critical information at a glance. The mobile experience has also been improved a lot and now voting and reading proposals is more convenient. Since we are using more reusable components, the loading performance also improved.

  • Grant requests now require 100VP to get published
    After this binding Governance proposal was approved by the community, we made the required change and now to be able to publish a Grant proposal, users must have at least 100VP in their wallets.


  • Nothing blocking us right now. As we reported last month Multi-delegation strategy continues to be on hold until a set of broader strategic Governance changes are in place.

Next steps

For the next month, we have this in the plans:

  • Identity V2: We will deliver the second release of the DAO Identity system, now focusing on linking DCL wallet-based accounts with Discord accounts so that in the future, users can choose to get notifications using a Discord bot.
  • Marvin Morning Brief: We want to leverage AI tools to provide governance-related summaries to the DAO Community so they can always be in the loop about what happened recently
  • We will deliver on this binding Governance outcome that proposes more info about the Proposal’s authors to be displayed in context

Additional notes and links

Check our work:

Give us feedback on our Canny board

View this update on the Governance dApp

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