[DAO:9d31e24] Awesome 3D animated creative framework to educate and excite new users

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Should the following $18,500 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


Beautiful, animated stories are more attractive, easier to remember and more fun to share than ‘pinned’ text messages.
With this grant, we would love to design a creative framework to upgrade the social communication (on discord, telegram, twitter, linkedin and similar other socials). How would that look? Beautiful 2D/3D 15-second animations divided into 3 categories: Project updates (news), USP’s (what makes decentraland awesome, upcoming events and a highlight category that showcases a collection, scene, land or name. We’d aim to end up with 15 (3x5) posts for this project ánd a foundation to create much more in the future. This is hopefully a start of a long-term quality upgrade and collaboration.

Grant size

18,500 USD

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



I am the creative director of Sublight (www.sublight.io), a top 3D design agency for Web3 projects. I have 15+ years of experience in high-end 3D design for big 2.0 brands (BMW, Ultra Music Festival) and dove 2 years ago in crypto with my team. We’ve made films, NFT series, rebrands and social campaigns for other awesome 3.0 projects (please check sublight.io to see what we can do!).

Decentraland has a fantastic community with beautiful content. We believe however that the visual communication on socials is all over the place. The wide range of messages do not yet feel aligned under one visual style - we’d love to work on that. There is also a missed opportunity to apply more storytelling (super powerful) ánd utilize the existing 3D animations from the community as part of something bigger.

Roadmap and milestones

We want to create a three step project that runs for ±5 weeks.

Week 1 - Proposing two concepts with a generic message but clearly different styles. Community votes.
Week 2 - Decide with Decentraland marketing/creative leadership on categories & messaging.
Week 3 - Create the first preview versions for the categories - one 15" animation per category and working on the feedback in one or two additional feedback rounds.
Week 4 - Create, preview and update remaining animations.
Week 5 - Delivery to social team for sharing.

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so really this is a request for consultation work with the foundation’s social media and marketing team, is that right? a kind of brand makeover?

I think it would be good to hear from the people working on those teams to find out if this is wanted. @Matimio could you pull them in?

edit actually i see this line:

We’d aim to end up with 15 (3x5) posts for this project ánd a foundation to create much more in the future.

if it’s a brand makeover that will be useful to the core marketing teams for the foreseeable future and those teams are on board with such a collaboration, i would potentially support this. if this is 18.5k to make 15 posts, i would vote no

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Hey, thanks for proposal. Do you minted DCL name ?

Links aren’t working try to reupload them…

Are you in Decentraland at all or just an outside 3rd party that wants to do this as I’m sure someone inside DCL could do the same.

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I absolutely oppose using 3D animation to recreate Decentraland avatars to look “beautiful” or different than they already are. This is misleading to anyone who might see this, and expect to come to Decentraland looking for a similar 3D animated experience. If you must do this, create the desired actions you want out of emotes, and create the entire thing from REAL Decentraland avatars. Anything else is false advertising.

Additionally have you minted your name, or been to Decentraland? Many voters do not support projects that are asking for money from the DAO when they haven’t taken the most basic steps to show they are invested in Decentraland.


Thank you for your interest in Decentraland DAO. Reading thru your proposal, I feel that you may not be very familiar or engaged with the Decentraland community. I don’t believe we need this service as the advertising done by foundation is reflective of what DCL looks and feels like to a tee and they have folks capable of creating this type of content.

Awesome 3D animated creative framework to educate and excite new users

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 16,090 VP (33 votes)
  • No 99% 6,311,792 VP (130 votes)