[DAO:927969e] Implementing Tenure Restrictions for DAO Committee Members

by 0xb5f4ebcc5a90e58d953ee9e64e365c2468f31f51 (TopGG)

Should we set a time limit for serving as a DAO committee member in Decentraland? Right now, there’s no set time on how long a person can hold this position.

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Time limits are arbitrary and it’s not that hard to remove someone if needed.

We still need a policy in play for the governance committee.

We should implement term limits for all Committees (Wearables, DAO, Revocations) and maybe have a special policy for SAB members.

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We need trusted and skilled people for that role.
If you rotate them frequently, you always need to retrain and not everyone can be trusted.
You are giving the keys to millions of USD to random untrained people, just because “we need to rotate”.
I find this proposal useless and dangerous.


I agree with both Ginoct and HP… term limits could be good for when you have a committee member not meeting the expectations of the job and they need to be replaced. However method of termination is not how most jobs work. Politicians have terms, but most employees do not. There is a reason… As HP said, the amount of energy needed to retain new individuals should not be overlooked. It takes years to become truly efficient in a job. We would lose experience and knowledge if we replaced committee members on a regular basis.

Hopefully if there is an issue with a committee member, we can use the chain of command like other business models do, and find a way to remove them in an equitable and professional manner. If I’m missing something, please feel free to let me know, I’m always open to new opinions.


I have to agree with HP on this one.

My vote is invalid but I appreciate you for engaging with me in our Discord conversation.

so basically we don’t have a system to train TRUSTED, QUALIFIED and VETTED people to allow the DAO committee to evolve as it will inevitably. I hope you are healthy HP, we need you to stay alive forever.

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They were two differents points in my answer.

There is no way to train people to be trusted, no.

You can train people the needed skills though, it just takes times, which is unnecessary if the only reason is “the term expired”

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I don’t know about a time limit, perhaps an evaluation of performance every x months would be a better approach.

Voting No, There is not glamour or power on being a DAO Committee, its a purely technical/administrative role.

There is no reason to terminate people unless they do a bad job.

Implementing Tenure Restrictions for DAO Committee Members

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Implementing Tenure Restrictions for DAO Committee Members

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)

Thanks to all who voted. I appreciate everyone’s comments and will take them into consideration for the next draft. :clinking_glasses: