[DAO:98421f5] Implementing Tenure Restrictions for DAO Committee Members

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Implementing Tenure Restrictions for DAO Committee Members


This proposal seeks to implement a 3-year term limit for DAO committee members in Decentraland, complemented by a 4-month transition period to vet and train incoming successors.


At present, there are no restrictions on the tenure of a DAO committee member in Decentraland, which may result in stagnation, lack of innovation, and potential abuse of power by those in these positions. This proposal aims to establish a fixed term length, thereby cultivating more diverse thinking and stimulating the regular introduction of fresh insights and enthusiasm. The expected result is a governance structure that is both more agile and aligned, reflecting the changing wants and needs of the Decentraland community.


In the existing governance structure of Decentraland, there is no limitation on the tenure of DAO committee members. This absence of term constraints can lead to several challenges that may hinder the optimal functioning and growth of the community:

Stagnation of Ideas: Without regular turnover, there may be a tendency toward complacency and a lack of fresh perspectives. This could result in stagnation and a reduced ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities within the rapidly evolving landscape of our community.

Potential Concentration of Power: Unlimited tenure might lead to an undue concentration of power within a small group of individuals. Such concentration could decrease transparency and inclusivity, risking the erosion of the decentralized principles that underpin Decentraland.

Barrier to Participation: The absence of term limits may discourage new members from participating in governance. Knowing that positions might be perpetually occupied by incumbents can deter potential new contributors who might otherwise bring innovative ideas and diverse viewpoints.

Alignment with Decentralized Principles: Decentraland’s core philosophy emphasizes decentralization, diversity, and community-driven governance. Implementing term limits aligns with these principles by ensuring that a broader array of voices can participate in shaping the community’s direction.

By setting a time limit for serving as a DAO committee member, this proposal seeks to invigorate the governance process with new insights, maintain alignment with decentralized values, and foster an environment that is both inclusive and adaptive to the changing needs of the Decentraland community.


Term Limit: Each DAO committee member will be restricted to serving a maximum term of 3 years. This limitation is designed to ensure a regular influx of new ideas and perspectives within the committee.

Transition Period: A structured 4-month transition period will be implemented at the end of each term. During this time, the trusted, qualified, and vetted individuals will be trained to assume the responsibilities of the outgoing members.

Selection of Successors: Criteria for selecting the successors will be established, prioritizing individuals who demonstrate alignment with Decentraland’s core values, possess relevant experience, and are committed to upholding the integrity of the governance process.

Evolution of the Committee: By incorporating these measures, the DAO committee will be positioned to evolve naturally and responsively. This evolution is recognized as essential to maintaining the vitality and effectiveness of Decentraland’s governance structure.

The proposed policy balances the need for continuity and experienced leadership with the imperative for innovation, inclusivity, and adaptability. It represents a thoughtful approach to sustaining the DAO committee’s ability to serve the Decentraland community’s present and future interests.


The absence of term limits for DAO committee members in Decentraland presents challenges such as the stagnation of ideas, potential concentration of power, barriers to participation, and misalignment with decentralized principles. These issues call for a thoughtful and structured approach to governance that allows for regular infusion of fresh perspectives.

The proposed solution of implementing a 3-year term limit, coupled with a 4-month transition period for training trusted, qualified, and vetted successors, addresses these challenges head-on. By doing so, it aims to create a dynamic, responsive, and inclusive governance structure that reflects the evolving needs and desires of the community.

The intended impact of this proposal is to foster an environment in which the DAO committee can evolve naturally, maintaining its vitality and effectiveness. It ensures that the core values of decentralization, diversity, and community-driven governance remain at the forefront of Decentraland’s development.

By embracing this change, Decentraland can continue to thrive as a leading metaverse, guided by a governance structure that is both adaptive and true to its foundational principles.

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Voted No, I’m a firm believer that if we have great talent, we should retain them. Especially dealing with large amounts of funds. However, I do agree more committee slots should be open to increase diversity. We have exceptional talent in this community spanning across the globe, and they should be given an opportunity to serve in a committee seat.

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voting no. we only need to replace committee members if they are not fulfilling their duties

This proposal primarily focuses on leadership roles rather than the job itself. To some, it may represent a position of leadership.

Can we make it like an election where they can possible run another term but have to go through the process with others, if there are others that apply? You know, come on let’s have full blown political campaigns and everything. (Sorry, joking there). My vote is yes but I think there should be the opportunity for them to continue especially if they have been doing a good job but no one should ever have eternity in a position even if it can go to a vote for removal. IMO.

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I value all of your insights and comments. For those who voted ‚Äėno,‚Äô please share your opinions, otherwise, it didn‚Äôt count. :slight_smile: #humor ‚Ķ

Voting No, I feel the proposal is too broad, would be nice to know about the specifics:

  • What are those Committees specifically?
  • What happens when the Committee already has a time limit?
  • How each specific committee will benefit from this proposal?

Implementing Tenure Restrictions for DAO Committee Members

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 4% 511,913 VP (16 votes)
  • No 92% 9,678,498 VP (50 votes)
  • Abstain 4% 506,600 VP (1 votes)