[DAO:8fb8e09] Creators Program (like tiktok /youtube/twitch)

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We are living in an attention economy and I wanted to hear from the community if we should look to create a creator program that rewards users for creating “content” for decentraland. This poll is only assuming what’s available to us now and that is engagement metrics around events thrown on parcels.

What is everyone’s thoughts on allowing parcel owners to opt-in to this project by installing a custom code snippet from the foundation on their build that tracks attendance throughout the month and for each visitor the parcel would be rewarded for the quantity and duration of the visitor.

This will incentivize parcel owners to drive more traffic to decentraland and the DAO and/or foundation would reward its platform users for building in the space and bringing them new users. The hope is the events will get better and better and differentiated to gain more users in DCL if land owners are incentivized to add value to the community.

Web 2 platforms such as TikTok and Youtube and Twitch have implemented similar versions of this around rewarding viewership, do we feel this would work in web 3 as well?

  • Yes, I am interested in a creators program
  • No
  • Invalid question/options

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The platform’s lifeblood is people. It makes sense to not just track the number of people but reward the locations who are most successful at attracting them.

This may already be possible with the toolset on DCL Metrics. If you scroll down there’s a stat titled “Most Visited Parcel”. The top 5 are Ice Poker Stronghold, Genesis Plaza, Stronghold, GP, WonderMine.

There could possibly be different categories for the types of activities contained on parcel.

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Imagine the impact and engagement to Decentraland we can bring with active content creators simultaneously posting content onto these social media platforms. I vote YES for a content creators program, even if the reward is super small given we are still in this “discovery/building” phase (make the program better as user base grows).

To @AwedJob’s point, scene analytics can already be tracked. The Atlas team @HowieDoin @MorrisMustang have been doing a great job building out their databases and allow for owners/operators to track scene traffic.

I can’t wait to see our community members’ content becomes more widespread as the space becomes more “accepted”.


@AwedJob is right - we’re still a little bit of time away from delivering stats for every single parcel and scene via dcl-metrics.com, but we plan to roll that out not later than the end of this year.

is there something particular you’d like to track that we’re not tracking already? i’m 100% always open for ideas and feature requests!

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I like the idea of having 3rd party data verification for transparency to the creators as that seems to be the buzz word in investor communities these days and is a differentiator to what TikTok and Youtube provide to their creators, meaning this might be more enticing to attracting larger creators from other platforms.

Perhaps the creator dashboard should ingest a 3rd party data source as well as a core DCL tracking for payouts, mainly because data transparency was brought up with that coin desk article recently. I don’t know enough about how dcl-metrics.com works or if its the same data set that DCL would have. Just wanted to double down on the note about a 3rd party data set matched with a DCL lead data set.

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Voting no because this will be scammed with bots and legitimacy of the data will be questioned.

Potentially, however I do think botting a pretty intensive GPU/CPU experience will be a bit harder than traditional botting, but yes, regardless of how this platform grows bots will be inevitable, no web 2 company has found a solution to this yet, but allowing for 3rd party data verification this could be a step towards this. Plus, I feel the upside it will bring to the platform will be beneficial. Here are a few areas this could solve:

  1. Bigger creators to the space and their followership coming with them = more awareness
  2. More exposure to mainstream with a clear pathway for how money is made in DCL
  3. Decrease in the large amount of requests of the DAO for one-off contenty things that could be rewarded via this new system so we have a place to funnel people requesting DAO funds for event series, this system would ultimately help decide if the content was worth the DAO funds as they will be rewarded for the users they attract instead of the potential in the abstract of what it could bring.
  4. With a more structured creators program forecasting bigger investments like a DCL CON will be easier to calculate for budgeting - you can reference Twitch Con as an example of this, by understanding who is a partner and and affiliate they can use those followership numbers towards bigger sponsors and merch investments.

Just some other thoughts off the top of my head.

I am interested in a creator’s program but not one that only rewards landowners instead of the creators themselves. I could be wrong but I believe there are creators in the community who bring a significant amount of traffic to parcels but are not land owners. They should be included.

Agreed! I do think it could be done a few ways, but maybe there is a “collab” mode where land owner can designate a portion of traffic/engagement gains for a period of time to their land events.


Creators can get a custom UTM code link that when shared with people on their other social channels they would get attribution credit for that users session duration.

Botting can be done in 100 lines of Javascript with NodeJS, it’s easy to do and extremely light on resources as you don’t need to have a browser open.
It will be exploited. Voted no

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Creators Program (like tiktok /youtube/twitch)

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes, i am interested in a creators program 38% 937,532 VP (52 votes)
  • No 61% 1,477,344 VP (18 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 4,655 VP (1 votes)

Creators Program (like tiktok /youtube/twitch)

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