[DAO:a366a5f] Should we reward customer aquisition via affiliate/influencer marketing?

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This is a tweak to this proposal:

We should enable creators to claim their unique referral code if they have bought their name in game and be rewarded for driving new customer acquisition to DCL that can be tracked through referral code and verify the acquisition/conversion if a new user connects their wallet to DCL making them a new customer acquired and not just a guest.

The creator would be rewarded like any other affiliate program for converting new users to join DCL. This is a basic way to encourage new user adoption through influencer and affiliate marketing by incentivizing people to bring in new users, many apps and platforms use this method for new user adoption.

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An affiliate program would provide us all with actionable information on the effectiveness of onboarding efforts. It could also be used to directly reward individuals who are onboarding rock stars. It could also be employed as a Key Performance Indicator tracking the effectiveness of awarded grants focused on onboarding new users.

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I think this is a great idea given its pretty standard practice with most applications. There would obviously need to be some safeguards in place to gate multiple entries from the same IP to avoid griefing, but I think that’s an easy fix. There needs to be more incentive for creators to create content. Pairing content with wearables only goes so far. Pairing content with just LAND is risky. The number of people who don’t have the skills/desire to create wearables or build on LAND is far higher than those who have both. Content creators should be given a fair playing ground when it comes to creating. TikTok pushes content that uses certain hashtags or meets other criteria, DCL could do the same. I think it would be pretty low friction to have a content feed as a tab on the main website. Kind of like twitter feed widgets.

I look forward to seeing this develop!


So Feature Requests are coming out. Isn’t this more of a feature than governance?

Depends on if you classify this as needing a program stood up around it to ensure payouts are sent out and stuff @Tudamoon might be more than just a feature.

Oh ok. I understand affiliate marketing. I am just unclear how this is going to work. I am not voting until I understand better.

I think at this phase we are garnering interest and then we will take it through the next round to figure out how we might execute against the idea for fully. So the vote is around the general vibe if you support rewarding the creators drawing new users to the platform via affiliate marketing. We will figure out the ins and outs of it at the next level.

Yeah Affiliate marketing is interesting. Definitely inspires word of mouth. However, then I think paying people to be here, hmm. Not sure. Like I am still unsure if we are sticky enough to keep people. Why bring them in 1 time if they are just going to leave. There needs to be more of a reason for people to stay in my opinion.

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Idk you’ve been here for quite a long time :grinning: More people = more sticky as well.

If there is a good enough incentive for creators to be here, it will raise the bar of everything going on here including the forums/proposals/content/events etc. Also, we aren’t paying people to be here, we are paying them for driving qualified leads and people signing up to the platform, which is a whole industry.

(Not saying this about DCL) but we often times use sub par technologies i.e. Powerpoint and others as a society just because its where the people are and is what is adopted, so I think the argument of its not sticky enough to start marketing the platform doesn’t hold much water, we have more than an MVP released, we have to bring people in now and incentivize those who do.

haha I and my team def down. Launched my company with my first Client Uber back in there early days and helped them go nation wide to then even world wide after that, as well as dozens of other startups and sites. Bringing them all millions of active users through our roster of Affiliates and Influncers for almost a decade i think now. Good times would love to do this for Decentraland. Def since everyone knows I am passionate user and fan too.

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This is an interesting concept. I am quite intrigued.

Should we reward customer aquisition via affiliate/influencer marketing?

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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Should we reward customer aquisition via affiliate/influencer marketing?

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