[DAO:8c2181d] Add BNV Fashion to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0xc4b26d06566db3486a08552a77e3720a7a5aad5a (Nate#ad5a)

Should BNV Fashion be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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BNV is where fashion meets the metaverse, aiming to redefine elevate Web3 self-expression by transforming NFT wearables into a medium for visual identity, trans-reality entertainment and financial rewards. Our community brings together brands, designers, creatives and consumers, with our team having decades-long experience in the fashion industry, strong connections and a plethora of collections from many different styles and cultures. BNV fashion NFTs are made in collaboration with a wide range of respectable fashion brands and artists. We have over 1340 holders on Opensea and our Wearables are currently compatible with DCL, The Sandbox, RPM and our own BNV World and in discussions with other Metaverse platforms for more interoperability.


We are want to increase the direct utility for our NFT holders when they go to DCL as they have those wearables in their backpack directly which allow them to experience first hand what interoperability will mean in the Open Metaverse.

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  • 0x2b36E8D3A3676c40208bc6e491D3a70d1AC950Eb
  • 0xbaC489f0eA3d8ec96d52d3663390706587aa9556

Manager Addresses

  • 0xCF0e97A0Db5C3fc82Fc43b0594bb5B2e8936e32A
  • 0xC4fc1690394caF190c4B76f7b3afbDb69932C719
  • 0xC4B26d06566dB3486a08552a77e3720A7a5AAd5A
  • 0x1C521CBb3E136F193E8109224b81d80244a2c2df

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  • No

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Thank you for submitting actual 3D modelled wearables shown inside Decentraland with your proposal. I think your project would be a great addition to our DCL Linked Wearables program :+1:

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Thanks for your kind words and support. Please help spread the word so we can make this dream come true!

Voting YES for BNV’s linked wearable. I had an opportunity to speak with their team on Twitter, and was introduced to their community. They also have already invested into Decentraland with purchasing their own parcel (59,-22), and have already submitted a few wearables and an emote for approval. I believe helping them get this linked wearable will onboard a few of their NFT holders (over 1340 on OS as mentioned).

The amount of linked wearables requested is reasonable.

Welcome to Decentraland and I hope the DAO can approve this to further welcome your growing community!




Between the fashion collection BNV2 (320), and the Family of Gs goggles (1,602), They’ve got nearly 2k holders of their NFTs. BNV, using The Family of Gs NFTs, has created collabs with MetaKey, Wilderness and NFT Factory.

Let’s welcome their community of holders into Decentraland.

@AwedJob Definitely, we have a lot more collaborations coming up for the Family of Gs.

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Add BNV Fashion to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 90% 5,268,760 VP (211 votes)
  • No 10% 612,712 VP (53 votes)

Add BNV Fashion to the Linked Wearables Registry

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