[DAO:85544d7] Fashion Game and Fashion Onboarding Grant

by 0x40e021b3fc43705ba2db1c0c985cd4457e3729eb (DiVerge)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Diverge is a Metaverse fashion brand and ecosystem that creates high-end wearables for virtual realities. Check the presentation to find more of what we already did in DCL!


Due to the huge number of different wearables in the marketplace, finding a perfect total look could be confusing. With the grant Diverge will develop and create an interactive game where everyone can get fashion advice, win wearables and create a total look for their avatar in a fun and easy way.

Diverge will host fashion shows and educational events to choose your way of self-identification and attract more new users to the DCL ecosystem.

Grant size

60,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Business goal: To increase space retention with interactive gaming experiences and engaging fashion events.

Diverge is asking for your vote to help fund its idea to solve the styling problem and create the AI Style Expert (fashion game) and host fashion workshops and fashion events.


  1. to create an AI Stylist slot machine, to get a styling advice and win wearables
  2. to host fashion shows to increase awareness for the designers and creators
  3. to create an educational MetaFashion space in DCL with regular workshops and events and to invite fashion and crypto experts.

The idea of the game comes from the decision to solve the following problem: it’s very confusing and hard to style your avatar due to the huge number of different wearables on the marketplace in DCL. Styling the look may be confusing in IRL, and definitely not easier in Metaverse where there are no limits in choosing your way of self-identification. You can be whatever you want to be, whatever you feel to be in every moment and you can change your character or outfit in seconds. We want to help the community to style their looks in the best way and share our fashion experience.

The AI Stylist Expert will be open for every DCL member and available at Diverge’s MetaFashion Space (Crystal City location(-1;51)). Everyone can stop by and receive their wearable prizes and fashion advice!

The AI Style Expert will work this way:

  1. You choose your gender:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Gender neutral
  1. First time you can play for free and have 3 attempts to play. Each attempt you get advice and you have a chance to win a wearable. After the first free attempt you pay 1 MANA to play more and have more chances. Every attempt you get a different style (totallook) which you can purchase right away. For this we’ll create different wearables ourselves and collaborate with other DCL designers and brands. Also there will be a chance to win a wearable.

Everyone who starts their game with AI Stylist will get an entry role. For example, it can be the “Fashion Addicted” role.

There will be a leaderboard with the levels on how fashionable you are.
Fashion Addicted is an Entry Role. Fashion Icon is the highest one.
For the entry role you have just to play at least once for free.
For the Fashion Icon you need to play for example 100 times and have in your Closet minimum 10 total looks from Ai Fashion Expert (can be changed if needed).

We’ll take responsibility to enlighten everyone from Web3 to start their Decentraland journey and create social media activities for user adoption. For this we’ll create wearables and emotes and will collaborate with Web3 fashion projects to motivate their community to join the space.

For the DCL community we’ll host workshops with invited fashion and crypto experts to talk about crucial topics and share their experience. The community will have a chance to win wearables and MANA prizes during our fashion shows. Of course, every event will include proper marketing strategy, invited guests and artists (DJs, influencers).
We’re honored to be a part of DCL and have a chance to contribute to the Space!


AI Stylist Game development – $4180
AI Stylist design – $3700
Code/Build – $6820
Project management – $6000
Content creation – $3500
Wearables development – $7000
Community manager – $7300
Event creation and management – $10000
Fashion experts onboarding – $1500
PR curator – $3500
Fashion curator – $5000

Total: $60000

Summary of the operation costs followed by more info:

  • AI Stylist Game development: game logic, leaderboard, auth & mana payments, slot machine animation, fashion advice prize, wearable item drop prize;
  • 3D design, models and paid digital creation tools;
  • Code/Build: building the MetaFashion space, location of AI Stylist;
  • Project management: communication, team-building and leading, coordinating, organizing corporate events and meetings on a consistent basis and completing reports;
  • Content creation: creating a good-quality content for social media and press-releases using additional softwares for the best quality;
  • Wearables development: hiring designers to create wearables from our moodboards;
  • Community manager: actively engage with the community on social media, motivate and encourage new people to join Decentraland;
  • Event creation and management: creating fashion shows and workshops, inviting fashion experts;
  • Fashion and crypto experts will be invited on our workshops and fashion events to educate the community, share their experience and insights from both web2 and web3 fashion industry;
  • PR Director: developing and executing an integrated marketing strategy, launching brand marketing projects to grow both Diverge’s and Decentraland’s presence in target media;
  • Fashion curator: creating the moodboards, doing research to find and develop fashion wearables;

More detailed specifications Decentraland_Grant_Budget - Google Sheets


Diverge founder

Dina Perfilieva

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-perfilieva-360b6a16/

Twitter https://twitter.com/di_uni_verse
Discord di.universe#3479


Team Lead of DCL Full Cycle Builders @inceptionfun
(One-year dev experience in DCL)

co creator. 0xa9F07D4B9FF368851Af454DfFea60A3F7F587eee

Twitter https://twitter.com/inceptionfun
discord: @rezon#5280

Fashion Curator

Olga Yanul
Instagram Instagram Olga Ianul (@olgayanul) • Instagram photos and videos

Community manager

Asya Sumik
Twitter https://twitter.com/AsyaSumik

PR Director

Anastasiia Bilous
Instagram (@nastasiabilous) • Instagram photos and videos

Staff to hire:
Project manager, event manager, 3D designers, content creator.

Roadmap and milestones

Roadmap and milestones:
Milestone One:
Main development of the AI Stylist;
Creation the event plan with user adoption;
Moodboards for the wearable creation;
Launch social media activities to attract new users;

Milestone Two:
Wearables creation and on-boarding Decentraland designers and brands;
Social media activities for Web3 user adoption in Decentraland;
Workshops with fashion experts;
Fashion events with DJs and influencers;
AI Stylist implementation;

Milestone Three:
MetaFashion Space implementation with various fashion activities for the community to win wearables and receive the fashion advice
Fashion shows with wearable and MANA prizes. Everyone will have a chance to participate and submit their prize;

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Hi Diverge,
I respectfully think this is not an appropriate time to be spending $60,000 on a project like this. Some of the highlights in your roadmap are events you could start right now for free, which would help you show a proof of concept. (like launching social media activities, making moodboards, hosting fashion events, workshops, etc.).

AI Stylist Game development – $4180
AI Stylist design – $3700
Code/Build – $6820
Project management – $6000
Content creation – $3500
Wearables development – $7000
Community manager – $7300
Event creation and management – $10000
Fashion experts onboarding – $1500
PR curator – $3500
Fashion curator – $5000

I’ve highlighted the areas above that seem like they would pay specific individuals to complete, and this comes to $33,300.00 just to pay personnel. Your cost for just a Fashion Curator alone is $5,000.00, and their job is to “Create moodboards, do research, and develop fashion wearables”… this does not seem like an appropriate amount of money that the DAO should pay for this job. I would rather see Decentraland spend this money in ways that directly bring new users in.

For clarity I’m listing a few questions here so they don’t get lost above:

  1. Have you ever submitted a grant to the Decentraland DAO before?
  2. You include $7,000.00 for Wearables Development, does this mean you are going to use DAO funds to create and publish wearables?
  3. Will you be charging in Eth MANA or Poly MANA to play the game after the first 3 attempts? (Gas fees for Eth MANA transactions have made other games challenging to purchase and therefore, challenging to be sustainable when gas fees go up)

There are many factors in the DAO which need to be addressed currently, which the upcoming grant pause proposal may help facilitate. For that reason, I am voting no on most grants until that pause can help make sure the DAO is proceeding in a healthy and robust manner.


Vote: NO

This is an innovative but unproven concept that will benefit from more iterations and fine tuning.

The Diverge team has consistently provided quality wearables and memorable events in DCL. I am confident in their ability to deliver more of the same in that department. But is a grant via the DAO the proper path to produce them? I do appreciate the detailed budget breakdown you have provided.

I do not think the community currently has the appetite to fund the event, promotion, wearable, and curation parts of your proposal. We are still in a bear market. Mana is currently hovering around 40¢. When considering proposals I want to know what type of price performance we can get from the $ we spend?

Game development is apparently new territory for Diverge and I’d like to focus on that. The most valuable part of this proposal I think is the AI stylist and its goal to enable a user to purchase a “total look” from the marketplace. My recommendation is to submit a new proposal for just this part.

I don’t know how this AI stylist will operate. How will the game function? If it is a slot machine isn’t that just choosing items randomly? How does AI figure into the mechanics of the stylist if its using randomized selection? The paid position of the curator is described as someone who “will create around 100 styles”. If the curator is assembling the looks what is the role of the AI stylist?

What will the “total look” look like when presented to the user? Are there any other games like this in existence elsewhere? How long will the game persist? Is its shelf life 3-6 months and then it will need to be funded again through a new grant?

If the development of the AI stylist were separated out that’s still an ask of $10K. For that amount I’d like to see some more details and answers to my questions above.

The Diverge team partnered with us (Nexus Market) for the Crystal City launch event. They were very effective at event marketing, bringing new people to the event, and designing great-looking wearables. They were easy to work with and hit every milestone and deadline they were asked to meet. I know the trend is against all grants at this point, but in my opinion this is the kind of team that should be supported. Their idea of gamifying high-fashion wearable distribution is worth exploring.


Hi Canessa,

Thank you for your feedback and of course happy to answer your questions:

Take to the account that for the fashion curator and other positions this will be the amount for 6 month of work and his main responsibility will be styling total looks from the wearables which we will made in-house plus the ones which are on the marketplace to help other brands to raise awareness too and also help new users to dress up their avatars easily and cool. Fashion Curator will create a database of 200 minimum total looks to be used as a fashion advice while playing the machine.

As for the new users only for the last month we gifted more then 2000 emotes to the communities who was not aware about DCL but love digital fashion and our brand and they went to DCL because they wanted to try their new emotes.

Other answers

  1. This is our first Decentraland Grant
  2. Yes
  3. Poly Mana

AI style suggestions would be kinda cool but only if it is built as part of DCL backpack features. We are highly focused on restructuring the grants program to more align with our priorities and this type of new grant just isn’t at the top of my list.

Hi Scott,We really appreciate your feedback on our proposal. And thank you for your questions, we’re happy to answer them:

1.How will the game function? How does AI figure into the mechanics of the stylist if its using randomized selection? If the curator is assembling the looks what is the role of the AI Stylist? It’ll have a similar function to the slot machine. However, our fashion curator will create the styles in advance, we planning to both create a bunch of new wearables and cooperate with DCL designers. After all wearables are collected, the fashion curator will style all the wearables as different total looks which will be uploaded to the AI Stylist. Indeed, the AI Stylist will use the randomized selection but all the total looks will be unique. The AI Stylist will offer user the total look, depending on the user’s gender, which can be purchased right from the AI Stylist. Its important to understand that, we will start to educate the AI stylist with the database created by the fashion curator because it needs the data to learn and after that at a time it will be able to create looks by itself automatically so there would be no need for extra payments in future. Also in future we want to make the function when the user would be able to choose not only the gender but the style like: casual, fun, sci-i etc. Also one of our main goals are to educate others and increase fashion awareness in the space. That’s why when the user plays the AI Stylist, he/she will win a guaranteed fashion advice from the expert and a chance to get it for free.2. How will the “total look” look like when presented to the user?
It’ll be a full style that includes these wearables: upper body + lowerbody or skins + feet + accessories + head.3. Are there any other games like this in existence elsewhere?
No, we’ll be the first who creates a game like this.4. How long will the game persist? Is it shelf like 3-6 months and then it will need to be funded?
No, the game will be fully created and developed within 2-3 months and we won’t need another funding for this game. After the game is implemented, we will regularly add new styles and collaborate with other designers so the AI Stylist will be always up to date.Hope I answered your questions, let me know if you have anything else you want to know.

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Hi appreciate your feedback. We are a team with a very strong background in fashion industry, more then 10 years has each founding team member and we are really excited to bring our experience to the Metaverse thats why we want to create our own game to make it highly curated as we want to help each user in DCL to create a cool digital identity. In future, yes, it can be implemented as a feature in DCL backpack but we should start with something and show how it works and start collect data and I think as more creative ideas could be tested its better as its how the eco system can grow. I think thats how DAO works when the community contribute with our ideas and start micro startups and if it works great then DCL can implement it as the main feature. Yes its bear market but this is the best time to build real things.

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Fashion Game and Fashion Onboarding Grant

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 13% 1,100,477 VP (36 votes)
  • No 87% 6,850,013 VP (57 votes)