[DAO:6d76d67] Add Stickmen Toys to the Linked Wearables Registry

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Should Stickmen Toys be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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Toys, but for big kids. Stickmen Toys was a free to mint collection of 5,000 utility-enabled, audio-visual NFTs by Warner Records UK and Bose. Warner Records were the first ever major label to give ownership of the IP. Holding a Stickmen Toy provides collectors with brand collaborations, exclusive merchandise, as well as access to future Warner Records NFT drops. Welcome to the playground.


To bring our community to Metaverse Music Festival!

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  • 0xd8462E3aF4e1cba1E1afadE7d75Dcf71AE337cCD

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There should not be any favoritism when it comes to bringing in collections. Therefore I vote no. Wearables can be made and submitted just like everyone else.

Hey there, I can’t tag you, because I’m unsure of who you are. But would love to know if anyone on the team has any experience creating wearables in Decentraland? Are you creators of wearables in Decentraland already?

I tend to prefer to see working files, sketches, mocks, of what the wearables might look like before I consider a vote on linked wearables. Especially so I can see that, the registrant knows to take into account the parameters of Decentralands wearables requirements.


Agree with @ckbubbles. Please tell more about your activity in Decentraland.


@Tudamoon @web3nit Don’t you think Linked Wearables is a feature to attract new users from other communities to Decentraland? why are you asking to show the current DCL activity?
IMO it’s great to get other communities involved in Decentraland regardless if they are currently active or not.

I do and also I think it’s some kind of checkpoint. To reach it there must be a proof of some experience to keep environment competitive and clean, it’s my opinion.

If I’m not mistaken this is a pretty neat project with awesome utility i think i have heard @BrandonManus speak highly of this project. I will confirm with him

YERRR hi frens, I hold Stickmen #4190 and my take is…
The more PFP nft groups we get having linked wearables in Decentraland the better. That’s one of the main goals is the ability to take your NFT into all the metaverses and it be seen/used.
i am biased and want my avatar my Stickmen also sooo :slight_smile:

we need more of these.
we need BAYC, MAYC, all the C’s linked wearables.
we need more cross compatibility and when you buy an NFT and see that you get a cool in Decentraland, that’s just a win win for both parties.

I would also like to add ive dabbled in this already and this is what my version of the linked wearable would look like.
Made by Brandonmanus.ETH

Total Tris at 3583 Right now :slight_smile:

I have a stickmen also, this doesnt mean it has to be added to the registry. This creates a bias against other NFT projects. Why choose winners? Instead why not propose bulk bundles for wearable submissions or something?

Curators will always make sure that the Linked Wearables submitted are in the same line as the rest of the wearables out there. We should be more open to new communities to come, let them give utility to their holders, and become Decentraland users.

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So then what’s the purpose of this proposal? Is someone stopping them from coming?

It seems to be a Linked Wearables proposal. If this proposal is not approved they won’t be allowed to have them, but nothing stops them to submit regular wearables.

Can you share with me what you are referring to? As of now, every collection has to pay for the DCL curators. Why is this any different?

i chatted in the Stickmen general chat and they one of the Team members was chattin with me a bit. hopefully they’ll put eyes on this forum.
I am only speculating and making my own assumption but i think they’re planning something that coincides with the future music festival.
The stickmen are revolved around their music so hopefully this is another step towards the cool metaverse we all want

Hey Tudamoon, I don’t know if you were asking me, but here is more information about Linked Wearables, which are different from regular wearables. You should take a look :slight_smile:

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Add Stickmen Toys to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 42% 649,020 VP (22 votes)
  • No 58% 889,446 VP (42 votes)