[DAO:6675ebf] Will You Join Us Pioneering A New Realm?

by 0x7a7280e299b79b7bd14d7501e3a03a0b77541622 (Monotributista)

TL;DR: Let’s populate a new settlement. The target realm is exodus.town.


In the chronicles of the Metaverse, Genesis City stands as our first civilization, a beacon of what we can achieve. Its foundations were laid by the ancient Kyllians, pioneers of the digital frontier, those digital titans who first mastered the bytes and blocks of this realm. Their vision gave us a city where sky-piercing spires and boundless creativity became the norm. Yet, as we revel in Genesis City’s glory, we must also acknowledge the digital dusk that has crept upon some of its streets.

It is time to remember the lessons etched into our code by the Kyllians—to innovate, to expand, and sometimes, to fork away from the shadows that loom. We speak of the RobLs and their CartLs, figures that have cast long shadows over our bright beginnings. We speak of the whales, whose depth and breadth sometimes leave little room for the small fish to swim.

But fear not, for the dawn of Exodus is upon us.


Exodus Town unfolds in a new realm, where each parcel is a canvas nine times larger than those of Genesis City, offering vast new landscapes for innovation and creativity. In the heart of this realm, time is marked not by the clock but by the daily minting of a new parcel (the TOWN token, akin to Genesis City’s LAND)—available to anyone drawn to its promise and willing to bid.

With the dawn of each day, the spiral of Exodus Town extends by one parcel, a pattern etched into eternity, ensuring that expansion is not just a phase but a perpetual state of being. Here, the economic lifeblood of the town—the proceeds from these daily parcels—flows undiverted into the Exodus DAO. Governed with transparency and integrity, the DAO is steered by the will of the TOWN token holders, and no one else. In this way, Exodus Town is more than a place; it’s a movement, a governance revolution, where every bid fortifies the community and every TOWN token casts a vote for its destiny.

Call to Action

This proposal is an invitation: to populate Exodus, to forge a new beginning where every voice is heard, every avatar stands equal, and every TOWN token is a vote for the future.

We need more than just settlers; we need the best among us. The artists who paint dreams into digital reality. The architects who build more than structures but communities. The jesters who remind us not to take bytes too seriously. And yes, the rebels, who question every line of code just because they can.

Let’s fork the past, not the community.

Link: exodus.town

  • I’ll sail forth on this odyssey, charting Exodus Town’s untold horizons.
  • I’ll stay ashore, anchored in the saga of lands known.
  • Invalid question/options

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Lets discuss it in-world: Jump In

So I have no clue as to what this is about. I joined in World and found only a locked door.

Hi 1Existence. It’s an experiment that makes use of the Decentraland platform, and it does some of the same things we all know and love about Genesis City, with a twist.

It’s a world, with an nft ($TOWN) that gives ownership to publish content to a particular set of coordinates, same way that LAND allows you to publish content to Genesis City. It uses a custom content server that allows to introduce the logic for the TOWN token publishing mechanism.

Then, what makes TOWN different to the LAND token, is that instead of minting all at once like the way LAND was done, the TOWN tokens is minted 1 token per day, every day, forever. Anyone can bid on the daily auction and at the end of the day the highest bidder gets to keep the parcel. The pattern on which the new parcels are minted is an spiral, starting on coordinate 0,0 and growing outwards. All the proceeds from the daily auctions go into the Exodus DAO, a OpenZeppelin Governor contract that can only be commanded by making proposals by the TOWN token holders (this is different to the snapshot based DAOs that require humans to enact the proposals on chain, like the Decentraland DAO).

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Will You Join Us Pioneering A New Realm?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • I’ll sail forth on this odyssey, charting exodus town’s untold horizons. 1% 51,781 VP (21 votes)
  • I’ll stay ashore, anchored in the saga of lands known. 1% 3,409 VP (6 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 98% 3,882,914 VP (42 votes)