[DAO:4e458ce] DCL-Community Assets World/HQ

by 0x45f761e6ba7efa19828d404f4b4098d8de33827e (zCayel)

Should the following $50,700 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


On a 2x2 estate the DCL-Community Assets HQ will be developed showcasing downloadable scenes/architectural etc.
when the plot reaches its limit, it will continue to develop on an upgrade world named DCL-Assets World (500mb limit).
Gaia, Cyber & Halloween will be the theme of these assets.

Gaia or Mother Nature will have nature produce architectures i.e., Tree Houses, Vegetable Houses, bows, axes & more on with organic meshes.

Cyber or Sci fi, will be more on Tall Scrappers, Robotics, Neon Lights.

Lasty, Halloween theme assets with Pumpkin Houses, Bats & Graveyards.

I have started GitHub - zcayel/DCL-builds though these assets will be upload in DCL-Community Assets World/HQ

Grant size

50,700 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The ultimate goal of this project is to provide more downloadable assets for the community specially for landowners that has zero based knowledge on building.

DCL Community Assets World will contain the Ff:

-300 3D DCL assets - consist of Architectural w/ & w/o space, decors, lights, interiors, furniture, signs, environmental etc.

-6 wearables to be given away by Scavenger Hunt, Quest or Instructions.

-5 unique NPC characters.

-8 DJ sets (2per event)
-4 events (TBA)

-5 unique builds from 5 Pro DCL builders. (TBA)(with their chosen theme & date)

300+ 3D assets will be opened for the community.

Direct links to downloadable assets.

-12 unique creative architectural, some concepts bellow

(Concepts may change)

Gaia Themed Assets
-Log quarters (1x2)

-Mushroom tower (2x2)

-Fruit/Vegetable House (1x1)

Cyber Themed Assets

-Giant robot (2x2)
-DCL boy bldg. (1x2)
-Airship (2x2)
-Sky Scrappers (2x2)

Halloween Assets

-Pumpkin House 2x2

-Skel Head House 2x2

These assets will be uploaded on a cloud and will ask a pull request to be added in awesome-repository on GitHub.

Roadmap and milestones

Road map

1 month cliff

-Hire outsources



-Start building when ready


Start Building: 125 Gaia Themed Assets

-125 objects

-2 NPC characters

-4 creative architectural

-Weekly update for finished assets

-Upload/Promote/Monthly Update

-Planning for the next month’s builds


Start building: 125 Cyber Themed Assets

-125 objects

-2 NPC characters

-4 creative architectural

-Weekly update for finished assets

-Upload/Promote/Monthly Update

-Planning for the next month’s events


Start building: 50 Halloween Themed Assets
-1 NPC character

-3 creative architectural

-Weekly update for upcoming events & finished assets

-8 Dj Sets 2 per event.

4 events (TBA)
-Grand Opening
-Halloween Party

-Quests, Scavenger Hunts, Instructions. (6 wearables)

-Local DCL Pro Builders (or their chosen date)

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I like the idea, and I do see a need for this. The builder has very old assets and I’d like to see new options that are optimized for use in Decentraland because of the very specific triangle limitations here. There are just some gaps in this proposal that don’t quite show how it will be implemented. I feel like it would be helpful to show us a proof-of-concept first before asking for this sum of money. I’ve had the same idea that we need a marketplace to buy assets to deploy in world… but then someone pointed out that once you send the GLB file, the buyer can just share it with anyone. It’s not like a wearable NFT that has a specific hash and must stay in one wallet. Once people have that GLB they can then use it to make small tweaks and turn it into their own assets.

So in that regard, can you clarify whether you will be offering all these assets for free for anyone to download? Will you charge money for them and you personally profit? Or will you charge money that will go directly back to the DAO?

I checked out your GitHub repository but there isn’t much there to see. I would suggest maybe deploying some example assets to a DCL World so that we can visit there ourselves, and look at the quality of your 3D modeling skills. Do you have any examples of assets you’ve built already? I personally think you need to have some kind of portfolio of your work to share when asking for a grant of this size. Best of luck to you!

Hi @Canessa I honestly appreciate your comment and point out what is lacking and unclear,
i hope community members would do the same and suggest what can make it more valuable.

These assets will be free of use for the community i don’t have any intention to sell any assets that will be produced by this project, most of my past decentraland builds are posted on my twitter zCayel (@zBrightlight) / Twitter, there are proof of concepts there that can support the fact that i can deliver these assets, https://twitter.com/zBrightlight/status/1527375239377629217?s=20, https://twitter.com/zBrightlight/status/1578516818603352065?s=20.

This is my world, builds that are in here are built on different times (Decentraland) so it needs to be updated as one.

Let me also have this opportunity to ask everyone in the community to let me revise my proposal and make it more valuable and clearer with my updated world that compliments the themes above.

Once again i appreciate you miss Canessa for being a thoughtful member of this community, thank you!

Keep building and do what you do after this proposal. The more content we see the more people will appreciate your work and if you are going to do a new proposal in the future try to include images
Amsterdan Decentraland [ GITHUB ] maybe use my github as an example :smiley:

DCL-Community Assets World/HQ

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 1% 10,136 VP (22 votes)
  • No 91% 5,748,482 VP (44 votes)
  • Abstain 8% 532,516 VP (18 votes)