[DAO:4712722] Platform Unit: Game Dev, Global Systems & Tooling Proposal

by 0x598f8af1565003ae7456dac280a18ee826df7a2c (pablo)

Should the following $51,978 grant in the Platform category be approved?


(Big part of budget is returnable to DAO)

  • Main task: Enhance and expand gamification with proper tooling and gaming frameworks or products
  • Increase Synergy between projects
  • Create bidding and tendering proposals Gamification oriented
  • Row together in a common direction
  • To provide support to different projects
  • Attract more creators: e.g. Promote the platform doing IRL workshops
  • Evaluation of granted projects
  • Participation and contribution to the DAO from a technical perspective

Grant size

51,978 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



With near to 2 decades of programming experience, most time was dedicated to no-code app with drag-and-drop stuff, mostly improving UX and as a Frontend Product Engineer (https://flowable.com).
You can also check a short summary of my Decentraland contributions: Decentraland work by Pablo.dcl.eth & Co. (2024-02-08) - Google Slides

I have been thinking lately what would be the best way to contribute to Decentraland, I concluded that it’s to propose myself as DAO employee, that is, a platform unit, filling a gap that I think is really needed and to cover all points expressed above.

Enhance and expand gamification over Decentraland with appropriate tooling and gaming products.

To push gamification, besides building games, what I can contribute is to provide tools for different projects / teams, e.g. I think it doesn’t make sense to spend DAO funds on different mining mechanics on different games, instead, all games can use a common global system.
Several projects are using Playfab, aware of the needs to build our own game framework as an open source product.
Captchas are annoying, but we can make gamified captchas where the player won’t think he is filling a captcha but playing a game.
A super-transaction queuer service to bind off-chain (like Playfab) and on-chain actions (used at GolfCraft).
Those and many more…

Increase Synergy between projects/teams

I can propose integrations between different projects, implementing global systems at disposal, saving delopment efforts.
Not only to DCL, having confluence with other web3 projects can bring compatible users, something in decline last months.

Create bidding and tendering proposals oriented to Gamification.

I can dedicate the necessary time to propose detailed specifications on necessary developments, increasing the efficiency of the funds through the bidding and tendering system.

Row together in a common direction

We have dedicated resources to fund really interesting projects, but we still lack more integration between those.

To provide support to different projects/teams

Most people probably not aware but I have been always open to help other teams, especially devs, also reporting security issues that I never abused, the only aware of those was me and the person I reported privately until now, so you can check with them for veracity
WonderMine (R. Dixon)
Metamine (MetaDoge)
Knights of Antrom (Matt)
Foundation (Wacaine)
Music festivals, etc. (Nico Earnshaw)
Maybe some more that I cannot remember but I can do this task more from now on.

Attract more creators

Aligned with the ambassador role, I’m so motivated to visit different GameDev education centers and do workshops, by bringing creators that can exponentially bring more communities.

Evaluate and analyze finished grants

I can work on analyzing funded projects, create objective reports that can contribute to learning how to be more efficient when choosing which projects to fund.

Participation and contribution to the DAO from a technical perspective

As a DAO citizen, with technical knowledge and economically covered, I can be more involved on my spare time. I already do but to bring good improvements it requires effort on details instead of just a quick daily forum review

Roadmap and milestones

  • Mainly to serve to the DAO
  • Weekly worklog: To provide transparency of the realized work.

There will be some flexible and variable tasks to better adapt the needs depending the moment and requirements:

  • Gamified captcha service: to ease playability while ensuring security.
  • Support for other mid-junior devs.
  • Create a “Game Dev Alliance” discord server, I already created one months ago really, or consider creating a new section on DAO discord.
  • Analyse common needs between projects in order to implement global systems instead of replicating, and paying funds repeatedly to develop similar features, like mining.

What probably can also deliver:

  • Start a game framework similar to playfab.
  • Start super-transaction queuer service to bind off-chain and on-chain actions (similar used at GolfCraft)
  • Grant product report by demand.
  • In general, what is stated in the Abstract and Description sections.
  • Support to other teams interested on contributing to the DAO

The DAO has spent quite $MANA resources funding different games and experiences, the spending of resources can be more efficient with people working as other platform units, similar to what we can consider a DAO employee.

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I have my most honest will to contribute and be fair with the DAO, thanks in advance to those who will trust me.

Is this grant actually a Platform grant?

2- Platform
Creation of tools and applications that extend the power of the Decentraland platform or provide alternative ways to explore Decentraland’s ecosystem.

  • Requirements:
    • Build in the public, publishing open source code and documentation.
  • Performance Metrics:
    • The number of contributions made to the main repository of code.
    • Publish the tool or application to production and provide usage metrics.

I think so, 100% of requirements will be met

with your answer so fast Im wondering if you really have read the proposal.

Well, I started reading it when it was a core unit grant, so it seems unlikely that it would copy-paste into a more technical category seamlessly.

I am voting NO, I see very little to nothing in your request that follows the definition of a Platform grant.

This is also reiterated in the recently passed Freeze All non-Platform Grant Spending (decentraland.org)

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I am developer, it’s a technical ability and I am part of “DCL”.

Sorry if I missunderstood, but maybe that governance proposal you link it is not so well specified.
if with DCL you refer to the explorer or client, I think it cannot have technical abilities or skills.

As google says for technical abilities:
“refer to the specific abilities and knowledge required to perform tasks related to technology, computers, and various tools and software . These skills are practical in nature and can be acquired through education, training, and hands-on experience.”

Can you explain more about this alot of people probably dont know what playfab is or dont know anything about their framework.

I think that this could be major, which is why I voted yes.

It’s a backend platform for common game mechanics, to handle users, leaderboards, economy, etc.

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So the reason why I made you elaborate is for people to see what you actually propose, this is a major thing and hope some people will change their vote to yes :heart:🫵🏻

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You didn’t get the new memo pab?
Developers don’t get paid…
Doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done…
The DAO is building it’s new economy without devs somehow :man_shrugging:

Sure they do, they just have to actually submit grants to develop the platform in ways that are within the Platform grant.

If none of you bothered to offer feedback when grant categories were being made, it doesn’t mean you can just pretend the category requirements don’t exist.

What’s a platform grant?

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@Fehz there should be a quiz where people have to be able to prove that at least know where this document is, before they are allowed to submit or comment on grants.

I gave a yes vote because I know you’re one of the top content developers of DCL, golfcraft worked perfectly for me the first time and was an inspiration on dynamic set changing. I find this lacking in details and too broad in the writing kind of all over like how do we measure the synergies? :smiley:

The human checker this seems to be the main/first deliverable this is going to be something important with AI advances etc. I hope this is going to be something flexible - if the developer just want to do a check/regular captcha for example before reward that should be an option please.

With playfab there would be a lot of overlap between existing game mechanisms such as quests and message bus. I hope you mean expanding quests to securely store any players game data such as numeric values, string values. What would be great is if there was a basic web grid for owner manual intervention as well for special scenarios and manual interventions.

Compared to nifty island and roblox more of those game mechanisms are built-in such as the concept of player health level. What you’re describing would help some in moving in that direction if I’m understanding it. One core feature DCL is missing is to trigger camera effects like spin around player, earthquake.

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lol this feels true to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Platform Unit: Game Dev, Global Systems & Tooling Proposal

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 16% 2,602,824 VP (33 votes)
  • No 79% 12,801,473 VP (34 votes)
  • Abstain 5% 825,031 VP (9 votes)