[DAO:41cfaeb] [BID-0008] Butter

by 0xb2223f4038def8a62a86e3c4b108cdfe00a74c4f (chillin#4c4f)

Should funds from the DAO Treasury be allocated to finance a new community-led project addressing issues outlined herein?

Linked Tender Proposal

SDK Support Team


25,000 USD

Project duration

12 months

Delivery Date

Feb 27, 2025

Beneficiary address


Email address



Upgrade some code…
Organise meetings to figure out the goals…
Discuss ideas…
That’s all me!

Roadmap and milestones

Available 24/7 to update code…

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You are asking for $25,000 with nothing more than:

Voting NO

I stopped putting so much effort into my proposals since my last DCL work was unpaid…
I thought this task was pretty easy and it’s something that I would be happy to do…
But show me the money!