[DAO:3021b90] Remove the location 72,-24 from the Points of Interest

by 0x967fb0c36e4f5288f30fb05f8b2a4d7b77eaca4b (KJWalker)

Parcel 72,-24

Should the scene located at 72,-24 be removed from the Point of Interest list?


This LAND is no longer the Low Poly Models HQ.

The wallet was compromised and the 2x1 was sold. As far as we know the new LAND owner is not involved in the scamming. If anyone knows how to contact the new owner please let me know.

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I am so sorry this happened to you. People suck :smiling_face_with_tear:

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KJ I offer you any of my lands to make a new home for as long as you need it.


Really sad to vote yes on this but knowing kj will walk out stronger from this I believe we can vote for a new poi soon !

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Dont know if it will work or not, but maybe change the POI - Owner, please reach out to., or land was stolen, owner please contact. or something. that would possibly get their attention. Not sure what would happen from there but, its a thought.

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Only the owner or an operator with build rights can change the POI name anymore. :frowning:

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My heart breaks for you KJ… we are here to help in any way we can so you can keep doing the wonderful things you do. Hugs.

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That sucks. horribly proposal to be put to a vote. KJ showed me how to build in hyperfy and does so much. hopefully the new owner will catch wind of this and maybe offer some help too. not that they have to but would be cool.

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Remove the location 72,-24 from the Points of Interest

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)