[DAO:fbfb7e1] Remove the location -116,-19 from the Points of Interest

by 0x0749d1abb5ca9128432b612644c0ea1e9c6cc9af (TheSecret)


Should the scene located at -116,-19 be removed from the Point of Interest list?


I would like POIs that are not active or hosting at least one event a month to be removed.

A lot of Points Of Interest have been earned by the promise they would be giving back to the community.

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The build here is super sick and does show some the higher capabilities of building and code. I think a majority of the community want to see like parties, big nft group land events, artists who throw community events weekly or major games have a poi. This is a really nice build id urge all the no votes to please reconsider. This team here has a amazing build go explore it. Go through the doors on the temple yacht go see the party yacht. Give them a chance. Its some the best work ive seen in decentraland to date and ive been here a minute. Its depressing people think you need parties all the time or this that to be a poi. If this team ever wanted to do parties or there own convention they have layer on layer to do so. I smh and sad pepe react at the no votes.

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Remove the location -116,-19 from the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 2,069,722 VP (55 votes)
  • No 1% 1,204 VP (2 votes)

Remove the location -116,-19 from the Points of Interest

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