[DAO:29676db] Remove the location 83,74 from the Points of Interest

by 0xa01d51e047cd9b69850ebe2b472c54d458b378c2 (Huepow)


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Should the scene located at 83,74 be removed from the Point of Interest list?


Nothing seems to be going on
No music stream, silent
The screen is white
No recent event information or schedules, except the old poster with a “every friday” event from 6-7 PM with no working website link in it
Scene last time updated: 12/08/2023

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This is Serena Elis’ spot! Last I checked there were events still happening here on the regular. I do not think this POI should be removed!

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@serena is still active as far as I am aware. I don’t think we need to remove her POI at this time.

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@Billyteacoin @DedHeadJ So far besides IRL talks and IRL performances, the latest activity within DCL i found on X account of the parcel owner is – DOXING person from our DAO community in a toxic way:

It’s upsetting to observe, this is no respect for privacy and to the community!

And this person is trying to represent Decentraland at web3 Dubai and talking this way to Esteban? I’m literally shoked!

Back to the statistic activity according X:

Last time this person had event on April 29 Monday and the event was not in this build from this proposal, it was in somewhere else in “Worlds” i believe

Last photo from this build (from this proposal) according X account of the owner - april 20, Saturday

From my POV, when it comes to POI, what was before and what is actually now, for the new users that will jump there - will make a big difference!

Once again about the POI status and why it’s here:
The build is silent, streams are off, website link from event poster (which displayed on Client and not displayed on web) - is not working. The other poster with her song “about her joy of helping others” the link is not working as well. The twitter icon if you point on it - not clickable, but its clickable if you point around the icon (which not easy to figured out at first) , the rest is fine.

The voting and feedback are still welcome and open, and what ever is going on there, after what i found on X, my vote is still will be a “Yes”

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Hello @serenaelis, I hope you are doing well :blush: Do you plan to remain active in DCL?


While I may not agree with Serena’s choices to post pictures from private Instagram accounts to Twitter, I believe we must remain subjective and not use that as grounds to remove her POI.


Im a star in Real Life. Im pretty sure I don’t need a digital star on a map to prove anything.

So you guys can do what you have to do. …

As far as performing ….
’ll perform here and there, but I’m not going full throttle as before. I have a real job performing Live so my time will be limited and will barely have time on my schedule to do events weekly.

Thank you to the people that have seen my work ethic throughout the years and my contributions. Much love


Sorry Huepow but I think a lot of your points are invalid and just nitpicking, especially saying things like “streams are off”. Nobody runs live streams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Tools like Unknowers Virtual Land Manager which can dynamically switch to offline videos or images during non stream times are relatively new and not widely used, so it’s completely normal for majority of scene creators to have blank screens when live shows are not happening.

Hi @Billyteacoin I would like to disagree with you. I can give a list places with a stream screen ON if that’s require, let me know. Some have videos on loop with a sound, some have videos on loop with a radio music stream and some just streaming content they recorded , some have screen off but the music is still there
IMO This is the main reason why the title of this video about DCL with a 5 million views IS - The Future is a Dead Mall - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiZhdpLXZ8Q&t=3904s

p.s. to be precise Virtual Land Manager was released at 2023, November with SDK 7 support , but still there was other options to make the place looking alive and functional

Hi @Canessa, i respect your opinion and it makes sense to keep freedom of speech, think clear when it comes to the benefits of the platform, and put the platform at first despite what was said or who said, and i hope no one will take this right away, but! In terms of Point Of Interest, I made this research few days after I posted the proposal, and I was looking only for recent activity, so it wasn’t the main reason why this proposal is here. Although in my opinion, post from social media which shitting about the platform, DOXING person from the DAO and being toxic to CEO and at the same time representing Decentraland in web3 DUBAI ? This is not what I want to know that stuffs like this can be found via POI , which means the platform and community supporting it. But that’s still going to stay only my opinion and i will consider to still vote Yes, and i’m definitely not involving others to think the same way.

This is the guy who came to my event @Huepow ( never talked to him in my life) one time, talking crap…. Psyriis can vouch.
I love how ppl scream ppl are toxic but are toxic themselves.
They wonder why people explode… and just don’t want anything to do here …
And then make a narrative to make the other person look bad … Narc Behavior.

You were the one spreading such ugly vibes while everyone was having a blast …
Not surprised by this proposal TBH

Hey @serena It was 1.5 years ago, how is that relevant to now?

But since you brought this up… i remember it was a random twit that appeared on Home feed page from you via algo, since i was not a follower and i thought this twit was pretty toxic to others. When i was in world, i saw that all people in SEED having party, i came up and saw you for the first time and i said my opinion about it

This was your twit:

This twit got me very upset at that period of time about the people who trying their best here and people being accused by stealing ideas and then… if people party on that, i let them know about. You posted it on X and i said it publicly in DCL chat. This doesn’t escalated anywhere else. I had much to say about what you twitter and what is the problem with that and i said it in SEED place and we came to conclusion about it and it was resolved in a good way.

A lot of changed since then and at this moment of time Decentraland moving forward with creativity and collaboration and if some of your works before inspired others this is only a sign about influence and talent and not what you thought before and im sure well you know it.

I was at your party few month ago when you did something in Dubai for DCL with other people being there IRL and streamed into your club and i had 0 problem or conflicts with you

What happened 1.5 years ago, have nothing to do with the conditions of your build now, and have nothing to do with this proposal as well.

On the other side, what you do on X now it’s still have nothing to do why this proposal is here, since i posed this 4 days after after proposal was published, and i cheked your X just because some of the members said you was active recently. But after what i did see, now it has to do only with my vote and i said above why.
Just to clarify.

EUREKA, the stars invented the social media. :sweat_smile:

I use my X account to express my thoughts. since when we gotta police people from there own opinions and experiences ?
Didn’t know my tweets be having this much of an effect.
I get upset too sometimes. and unfortunately In Decentraland people steal ideas, and I work pretty hard to craft different content which is prob why I wrote that.
Idk why you felt targeted.

You still got the tweet saved, so apparently maybe it’s still hurtful ?
I’m just saying if your going to call me Toxic,
And you came to my event making others uncomfortable …. Maybe you can also reflect.
This narrative isn’t me ….
All this is …. It’s a build up of bad moderation, no boundaries and no respect on this platform for a person who’s put in a lot of time and effort. …

I have my reasons for why I post what I post, and it’s usually I don’t have another outlet to express myself cause the forums I don’t get Heard by the community. ( I’m not the only one who feels this way)

doesnt matter, looks like I’ve been kicked off the platform anyway the way this year has been in Decentraland.
4 and a half years later …. And now people want to find anything else to make my exit even more annoying …

I can get the fuck out! That’s all anyone needs to say.

Nobody want you to leave @serena and your build is still can stay there as it is now.
It’s only about POI and new users experience with POI

P.S. I didn’t saved your twit, i found it via advanced X search by the word “copy” x.com

Remove the location 83,74 from the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 80% 4,758,374 VP (23 votes)
  • No 7% 462,978 VP (10 votes)
  • Abstain 13% 839,277 VP (3 votes)
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Remove the location 83,74 from the Points of Interest

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