[DAO:2e1cb6f] Should decentraland have its own universal time but it's based on colours?

by 0x5985eb4a8e0e1f7bca9cc0d7ae81c2943fb205bd (helpimstreaming)

Each two hour slots will be named a colour so for example 1pm-3pm UTC would be red and an event that starts at 1:30pm UTC could say it starts at quarter past red. This would mean 5am-7am PST would be red too. I just think It’s easier to remember what colour represents what time in your country than converting time zones. I’m happy to make the conversion graph, even if it’s only 2 people (including me) that like the idea. It’s only thinking of what 12 colours to use and I mean there’s at least 14 colours in the world I think.

Maybe this is a really dumb or really smart idea, I don’t know. But I do know it’s fun.

  • yes, interesting concept.
  • no, kinda dumb.
  • Invalid question/options

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I like the idea, because if someone says that the event is at 16:00 is confusing, could be any timezone. But if someone says its at purple hour, you know its talking about the universal time.

And for some reason people just keep using confusing local timezones, instead of UTC, that are meaningless to anyone else.

To make it easier to understand, colors could be arranged following the rainbow, where the red is morning and violet is night.


Some ideas :laughing:

  • Red: 06:00
  • Orange: 08:00
  • Yellow: 12:00
  • Green: 16:00
  • Cyan: 20:00
  • Blue: 24:00
  • Pink: 02:00
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It’s a really cool idea and I LIKE!

However, right now there are already lots of learning curves for people entering DCL. We don’t want to seperate our knowledge and “vocabulary” too far from the common thought as it will make it harder to onboard possibly. I honestly thing the easiest thing to do is just align to better “local time” auto conversion systems.

As much as I’d love to say, Meet me at Purple O’Clock…xD

it’s interesting, can be a discrete icon or just a pixel, and interesting to be able to filter if for example i’m interested on current and future events happening on afternoon.

I love the thought but what about people who have difficulty seeing color? Don’t mean to be that guy just stress testing the idea xD

It would be extremely confusing for new users, using UTC makes more sense IMO (and displaying it in small in bottom left like Eve Online is doing)


Though about it, but the colors can be displayed as text (not actual color)

red for morning would be someone else’s red for night. Here’s a terrible graph i made lol

I was doing the mapping between color and time of the day using UTC as reference, yes.

Its just a mnemonic device, to easily remember what UTC time corresponds with each color.

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I get ya but you’d have to be on dcl to see this though, if an event is promoted on twitter and i already know what time red is in my own time zone then it’s easier and quicker to work it out without duckduckgoing PST to UTC or whatever

I’m colour-blind - will there be a version I can read?

can be displayed as text. doesn’t even need to be colours, it can be shapes or anything

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Voting yes just to see what the next stage of this process could look like. I agree with what was said above, I think this would be pretty confusing, and a challenge to implement, (but UTC-PST-CST is also confusing).

An organization system based on colors would remove some language barriers for those in other countries, but to me, the biggest benefit would be for those with cognitive challenges. Using a color based system would take away one more barrier of entry and make DCL more inclusive. Using symbols and colors to organize schedules is common practice when creating independence for individuals with cognitive challenges, and I could see it being effective here as well. For those who are color blind, a use of a non-text symbol within the color would remove the barrier of a correct color, and for those with visual impairments, having audio available to have a screen reader would remove that barrier. I invite anyone to google “Universal Design” to see how systems created to benefit a few individuals end up helping all of us.

Ahhh… this is already getting complicated! :joy: But inclusion is complicated, and worth it.

Oh and did anyone play “Webkinz World”? That world ran on colors for realms and schedules because the target audience were little kids who may not have been able to tell time.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Will need to think of what colour/shape combos would suit best and cause the least amount of confusion. e.g red square, blue diamond, yellow crescent moon, green circle… purple cloud or even arrows being which way a triangle is orientated could work.
I think at first thought it’s a bit farfetched and just as confusing as PST-UTC-CST but the simplicity and inclusion it can bring when/if implemented would for sure benefit everyone.

I’m color blind so this solution does not assist me.

I recently began using “localized time stamps” in Discord. It will provide the date and time and day of the week no matter where a person is. It uses the Epoch and Unix Timestamp Converter. Combined with a snipet of code:

<t:1668741616:F> long date time:

and you get Thursday, November 17, 2022 9:20:16 PM GMT-06:00 which is when I wrote this post in my local time. Want to know what it converts to in your local time and date? Just copy <t:1668741616:F> and paste it in a discord chat.

Let’s use something like this and have the computers offload this tedious task.

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While the idea is fun and I love adding more color to things, for the reasons above, as it being confusing to move from a number time to a color, and for that fact that it’s not inclusive to color blind people, makes it limiting. And we want DCL to be more accessible, not less.

You are absolutely correct and on to something. I like the colors for reasons of accessibility as long as the time is there as well. There should be a way to configure a time conversion somehow I would think. But it should be easy enough to get people used to UTC. You are going to probably get a lot of push back from mostly U.S. citizens as they are used to what they are used to unless military or aviation industry. I prefer military time and think it should be that way as well. I know I am UTC -8 (-7 in the summer). We need to get used to it or start making it a point to mention multiple TZ. I always do PST/EST/UST times and there is the date to factor in as well as I know in other countries they do DAY-MONTH-YEAR. We should adjust for that as well.

Lucky charms colors. Red Hearts, Blue Moons, Purple hearts, Green clovers LOL. Sort of funny but it would work.

Yes and the use of military time. No need for AM PM

That’s cool and all but I think military time should be used and there is the date issue. Many countries write it out. As long as its written out like you listed but if it’s 11-16-2022 other places will do day - month - year 16-11-2022

too much discussion, lets make the helpimstreaming-time-color open source library, wait a moment …

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