Genesis More Accessible

Good evening everyone. I was reading one of your posts on Genesis to move the players sleeping in the lobby … why can’t you select and copy the messages in the messages? not everyone speaks English at least so one can use a translator and then move more easily


This is such a good point! I wonder if it can be brought up in the town hall on the 14.04.22, I know also people have requested the ability to use non English alphabet in the chat also. An idea that aligns with multi-language accessibility ~


Thanks for the reply and Interest Michi another important thing is that the UTC Times of the Events are not found with the various nations Type Italy with Romania etc. etc. so a player finds himself either very early or very late so he is bad and disappointed and we risk that the player will abandon Decentraland

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This makes a lot of sense.

@michi how can I know when the next town halls are?


I drop reminders in my calendar because I always forget!
First Tuesday every month via the discord where the DAO discuss with community members about upcoming updates and also answer questions~

(not sure if I tagged, soz haha @Porla )

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You level up the point. Good.