Custom Button Eyes Creation

How are the eye textures applied to the DCL Male and Female base meshes? Are they applied with some special material? I assume the texture is applied to the “F_Mask_Eyes” mesh. The problem with the “AvatarMaskEyes_MAT” material for that mesh is it’s solid black for the sample models. The eyes texture in the GLB version is simple named “image 2” and it doesn’t have a gradient so it doesn’t reflect the eye color changes.
image 2 eyes

Whenever I want to look at the eyes texture in the Materials Preview or the Render Preview, I get this strange black material on the “F_Mask_Eyes” mesh. The rest of the model has a bright purple color. Whenever I try to render out the scene, the entire model is a dark black with triangle artifacts all over the place.

Here’s a screenshot from one of my viewports so you can get a general idea.

Here’s a screenshot from my Shader Editor:
shader view

Any help is appreciated. For now I’m going to try to add the new eyes texture and see what happens.

The texture on the F_Mask_Eyes mesh did not end up working. I was able to upload just the texture. By moving the buttons around a bit I got a decent result:

Even though I created it as a grayscale image, it is not responding to any change in eye color in the Builder menu. Under properties the details for this item shows 100 triangles. However in Blender, the F_Mask_Eyes mesh shows up as 122 triangles. This makes me wonder what the texture is applied to and how.

I tried adding a new item using an eyes thumbnail I got from the Github assets directory. The location of the eyes in the 256 x 256 texture file causes them to not show up on the avatar in the builder.
No eyes eyes thumbnail

After repositioning them and adding them as a new item, they still don’t reflect the change of eye color. There is for sure something I am missing.
eye thumbnail 02
blue eyes thumbnail 02

Hi AwedJob, I’m wondering about this too. I’m guessing we’re probably using the wrong material name for the eyes.

Can anyone confirm what material name to use to allow for variable eye color?

The image for my eye mask/iris is in grayscale (upper left corner), I expect applying an eye color in DCL to be equivalent to a mixRGB multiplier (multiplier in shader as an example). Settings on the material Alpha is on the bottom right. So far, no luck.

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School is out in a couple more weeks. I will revisit this project at that time. We’ll get it figured out.

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To help you preview the eyes in blender:

On your 2nd image from the first post with the black material on the eye mesh, go to materials, set blend mode to alpha blend (see the bottom right corner of the image I posted earlier). The black area should become transparent.

For the bright purple, the pointer for the skin texture image lost track of the file.
Use either image editor or uv editor. Select Image/Replace… then apply the skin texture. Chances are, simply Reload (Alt+R) won’t work since the pointer looks like it failed, e.g. if the texture file or blender file are moved to another folder.

Image Replacement

I’m still lost on setting up the eye color to change.

For the skin I made, the AvatarMaskEyes_MAT doesn’t seem to work for eye color change in neither build editor nor test server. My skin is basically ready, I’ve already updated the eye artwork for my final design. Mapping the iris to the eye color palette is the missing piece to the puzzle.


For skins and 3D assets eye colour cant be customised, only png objects with a mask. This is a request to update~

@Archonomous @Refraction


This will be a nice, and hopefully simple modification, to improve the user experience during customizing their avatar.