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Mizter Bonezz DCL

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Mizter Bonezz Skin

Hey, can you please push a small change like an additional tag?

P2E wearable collab with Wilderness

Where do I add that? Builder? Thank you

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

No need, looks like it worked!

Are there any other steps I need?

Collection approved!

My original wallet used to mint my wearable has been compromised how can i switch beneficiary wallet?

If you still have access to it you can go on the builder page and select the collection. Then you can change the minter by clicking the 3 dots shown on the first picture. To change beneficiary you click the 3 dots of the item you want to change the beneficiary of, then “Edite price” and change the address on the gap where i made the red line. Lmk if you need more help.