Collection 'DW Universe 1 Cupid Alpha Hoodie' created by DCLDating is ready for review!

DW Universe 1 Cupid Alpha Hoodie

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DW Universe Cupid Alpha Hoodie


I like it! So coo!!!


LFG. Can’t wait for that hoodie to get approved

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Look at that plane and beam over the hoodie! You can’t find that anywhere else in DCL :star_struck:


Oooo Interesting wearable! Has a very similar concept to Collection 'Daddy Chang's Mythic X File' created by DaddyChang is ready for review! - #11 by DaddyChang

Looks amazing!!! I wish you the best of luck!


We are flattered :smiley: Cheers! Please reach out for some collabs if you wish! @DCLDating


sure you can my friend :wink: Had two designs like this both designed by yours truly and my more talented partner @3rd_Eye_Visuals from last year!

And were last sold in 2021 with latest floor price of 2021 Mana :stuck_out_tongue:

We sure are flattered tho! much love and cheers, reach out for collabs sometimes +1 @DCLDating :smiley:

Best Regards
Chang Gang

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<3 Birdums up brother


It’s really great to see this UFO Wearable that was in Decentraland for quite a while and honestly it’s really amazing work and I loved it! :star:

Pardon me for that as it was my first time to see a beam and a space vehicle floating over the head. I joined early November but I don’t see much of them around DCL :sweat_smile:

I understand that there are new creations that come up with a similar concept, but let’s not forget that our ideas are inspired from different sources outside Decentraland like in movies or in books :slight_smile:

I am just a supporter of DCL wearable creators and they make more appearances to the community more frequently. I apologize for making such a comment like that.

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First of all thank you so much and love your awesome energy Celestelle, please no apologies needed, we understand everyday there are new amazing people joining Decentraland family and we all welcome them with most joy & excitement to this wonderful community, and always happy to see when our gears can inspire others too to make similar cool designs, agree with you 100 too regarding ideas from outside of Decentraland from movies, games, and what nots!

Of course newer DCL users won’t have seen older gears, my reply wasn’t to put your comment down was just to clarify and clear it up, personally I’m glad you made a comment like that, in a way gives us a chance to share some of DCL’s fashion history as well as our place in it as Chang Gang, cause fashion history on the Blockchain should be treated like physical fashion in my own humble opinion l! Also gives me a chance to promote me and my partner’s work as well and share his talent with more people too; @3rd_Eye_Visuals , he’s the one that helped me add the beam to my UFO design and upgraded it, my Blender skills no where near as good as his, lol!

Also gave me a chance to spread word and promote our community as well with newer comers as cool as you, so you guys can visit our community sometimes if you ever interested and impressed by our gears, and if you ever wanna find other creators and users to collab with and help out each others on anything, we’re da place to be, or just hang with amazing people in Decentraland in events and parties, we throw and attend events and parties constantly as well & do giveaways ourselves on wearables too!

Both our discord and twitter links are on our website, we currently have 695 members reaching 700 in our discord soon, not huge community yet but we growing everyday,

Also sorry in advance if these last two paragraphs seemed like i’m been a salesman lol, you can ignore them if you want, but if you haven’t yet tune into KevinOnEarth sometimes, pls check him out too, he’s the Decentraland Report, like the DCL news stations, you can get all da newest coolest infos of DCL from him, he’s also a member of our community as well, we as ChangGang is currently applying Guinness World Record, for the first Metaverse filmed Music Video, filmed in Decentraland itself, this is an interview of our amazing community members on KevinOnEarth’s live stream report doing the Guinness world record submission on live stream! Decentraland Chang Gang Interview (Guinness World Records Application) 元宇宙第一部MV申請了金氏世界紀錄 - YouTube

The music video itself is here: This Is Decentraland - Daddy Chang, Kaseeno, DJ Triforce, KevinOnEarth! 【1st Decentraland Music Vid】 - YouTube

Anyways thanks again for your comment :slight_smile:

Best Regards
Chang Gang

Amazing :heart_eyes: I want one!

Oh wow that looks really good. I’ve never seen one around tho.
Making that beam is as simple as just turning down the alpha on the material. I’ve used the same technique on other wearables like the quantum throne and cupid plane before.
I can see the similarity in the beam but the designs are completely different and we’ve definitely not copied your design since like i said thats the first time i see this wearable (which is weird because it looks really good).

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Ty, yea transparent things r around, i’ve got few others too, but the beam concept just looks very identical that it was brought to our attention!

@DCLDating has seen our UFO designs I’m sure, cause I’ve seen video clips of his tweets of parties with other owners of our UFO in da video before! But maybe you guys missed it! Yes they hard to find cuz they pretty rare, 10/10 rarity mythics :D!

We digging you guys’ designs too, holla us anytime fo collabs if yall interested :smiley: <3

Best Regards
Chang Gang

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PS: not trying to confront ya here, just backing up my statement of why I believe one of yall at least has seen it

Maybe not you yourself but one of you guys for sure has lol, whoever operated the twitter on these days i guess!

Cause some appearances of our UFO on you guys’ twitter were pretty clearly showned especially the first one from December last year~ <3

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.34.30 AM
Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.30.53 AM

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.26.48 AM

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I suspect it might be too high, we imposed a limit of 2.4m in height / width some time ago, can you double check in your modeling software that it is within those bounds? specifically in terms of height.


@Chestnutbruze Lowered it

Great, approving it now :+1:


@chestnut for some reason the thumbnail didnt save… ive reuploaded it but need another approval. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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