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Decentral Games Cyber-Trouser

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just some weighting issues around waist for female version

@Yannakis I have changed. Please check. Thank you very much.

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Please also adjust the size to be seamless with the top

@Yannakis already adjust. Pls check. Thank you very much!

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Make sure the top area is only affected by hips bone at 100% and 0% for any other bones(spine,upper legs bones)

@Yannakis already changed. Pls check. Thank you for your patience.

Looks like top part is still weighted to upper leg bones. Let me know if you need help fixing it!

@Yannakis Thank you for your attention! Changed again. Please check. Hope this time will be alright.

Collection approved!

@Yannakis Thank you for your help.

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@Yannakis @momo was this cleared with someone form the DG team? I did not clear this


Hi Saus, I’m MetaDoge from Meta Live Studio. I suppose you are from DG team right? We are collaborating with Decentral Game on the MetaMine event that will start on 18th Nov, here is the tweet and DG also rted.

I m not sure if it is appropriate to share the name of the DG teammates that I’m communicating with, but if you really want more info, feel free to add me on discord MetaDoge#3272, I can prove it.

BTW, DigiFun is the designer and publisher

@Yannakis hello
Sorry to bother you. I just found a bug with these pants. Shoes don’t hide success. I hid the shoes again. Please check. Thanks!

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Approved the change!