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Adshares Wear To Earn #001 - CAN

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ADS Refreshing CAN 001

Hello will check this soon!

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Hello everyone, a little follow-up.
As Adshares (Decentraland’s Verified Partner in #advertising) - we are working on a system, where users could obtain free wearables and make income by wearing them in public.

This one is just a first preview - and my first-ever submission.
This particular wearable will not be used in public - only for private client screenings/meetings.

If there are any required changes - pls let me know. But support this project as we wish it to bring many benefits to the community - especially newcomers.

Hello @MetaHike ! :slight_smile:
Tech is good!
Please update thumbnail: 1024 square .png with transparent background.
Let me know here when you are done!

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @MetaHike !
Image must be .png with transparent background: the background color will be automatically given by the rarity you choose

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Thank you for the guidance <3

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Cool! Please update it as well in the wearable editor, im still gettign the old one @MetaHike

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Collection is approved! @MetaHike

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