Artist's website in the marketplace

I see that when some artists enter their profile, a link to their website or twitter page appears in the upper right, some also have a background or banner, can someone explain to me how I include this in my profile.


Click your profile icon on the top right, then “Preferences” and select “Profile” on the list at the left

If I click on the round where the face of my avatar appears (top right) I only get: Account, Settings, Sign Out

Even if I click on Account or Settings there is no place where Preferences or Profile appears. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You dont have this?

Sorry, I explained myself very badly, I was referring to the profile in the decentraland marketplace.

Ohh no worries. Then click “My assets” and then “settings”

Great, that’s just what I was looking for.

Thank you for your kind treatment!

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Of course! Lmk if there’s anything else I could help with!

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10/10 customer support :joy:

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I was updating my profile and I would like punkpink to appear as PunkPink, my dcl name appears as punkpink.dcl.eth

Is it possible to determine that my username appears as PunkPink (the 2 “P” in capital letters) instead of punkpink?