Thumbnail not approved at the moment


Some time ago I uploaded a custom thumbnail for my Neon Jacket wearable: Neon Jacket - Decentraland Marketplace, however, even though when I connect with my wallet I can see the updated thumbnail, but other users can’t.

That is, everyone who enters the marketplace will see it as in this image (old thumbnail), but not with the thumbnail I uploaded.

Could someone tell me if it will be approved at some point so that it is visible to everyone? Or, if it has not been approved, can you tell me why so that I can rectify it?

Thank you!

Hi @PunkPink,

When you go to builder, do you see it as pending (grey) or approved (green)?

If it’s grey (not approved yet), just go to the initial forum post (where your collection been approved at first place) and write to your curator there (better use mention @, so they see the notification)

Tell them, that you have updated thumbnail only. They just need to approve it again and push further.
I made it already before, it was flawless depends on how busy your curator is.

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Thanks @ExtraVersionDCL, I have done what you told me just now.

Sorry for taking so long to respond.


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