Custom Name for Market Place (replace the Guest placeholder)

Hi there. I purchased a custom name so it wouldn’t just say guest for the marketplace. I also wanted to change my PFP and add a banner for my storefront, however, after buying the name, it still says guest and there’s no options to add it or change the PFP, etc…

What are the steps to do so?

For your name, go to

  1. Click on ‘My Assets’
  2. Then click on Names
  3. Then click on the name you want.
  4. Once clicked on the name, click on Manage
  5. Then click on use as Alias

As for your PFP, are you referring on the forum or in Decentraland?
If you are talking about in Decentraland, you have to go to your backpack and whatever your character is dressed up as, it will show that as your PFP for Decentraland.

If you are talking about your PFP on this forum, let me know.


Hi there. I figured out how to make it work. I guess I needed to login to decentraland game as a player and what for that to catch up. Once it recognized my purchased name, it went to my account and changed my PFP to my current avatar.

Now hopefully that will help with getting some sales and people won’t be turned away from some shady seller called “guest” :joy: