Artist Digital Painting inside Decentraland - A Possibility?

I used Online Paint Boards aka Oekaki Boards, when I was younger, and I enjoyed them.

It would be really cool if Decentraland had a painting application where others can watch you live on a small 500x500 pixel (or larger) shared painting canvas or screen. Ultimately I think it would be really interesting to have this option, and be able to create and sell ART NFT made inside Decentraland. I had a dream yesterday that my child was attending artschool through this world, and I had to share it.

I think it also would be cool to have the option to have up to 3 users able to use the same project/canvas to collaborate with the art project. Does anyone think this would be a useful application or even a possible one for Decentraland?


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I’m also interested on it. We have a brand of art and clothing and we want to introduce our cathalogue of paints and clothes in Decentraland.


I was thinking the same thing and was asking my friends a while back about this. It would be great to have live mural art creation:)


You might want to check out “Remote Canvas” in the decentraland docs:

which links to the github repo:

It would likely be a good starting point to develop further.

Also, check out the #support section on decentraland discord. Nico Earnshaw (the author of Remote Canvas and many other scenes) posts there frequently.