Decentraland Artwork

Hi all :rose::blush:

We are honored to share with you our conceptual artwork of $MANA
The aspect ratio is 16:9 and you can use it as wallpaper for vertical screens like smartphones.
Using it is not prohibited by law and we would be happy if our artwork is used by people who appreciate it.:heart:


At these times of year we expect more from the community so we could maybe have a surprise for you :wink:

I really like the fingerprint/wavy style. Beautiful work @AOICARD <3

May I try/use a part of it for an easteregg inside of my next wearable?:wink: Soon in a state to reveal some more.


You can also visit us at Opensea for the best quality of our artwork or just for supporting us by simply liking the content that you actually like!

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