[DAO: QmTETPn] Tattoos for Decentraland Avatars

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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Our project creates a new way for avatars to express themselves and customize their avatars using tattoos. Just like in the analog world we create art and add it to our skin in a way that lasts forever, we’d like to make it possible for avatars also to have this means of expression. We believe tattoos are a powerful means of expressing oneself – as a snapshot of a moment in time, an important feeling, in memory of something, as a reminder, or just for fun. We have an amazing team of skilled developers, VR artists, marketers, and a large collective of analog tattoo artists who will contribute their unique tattoo styles to this project.

Grant size

50,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Taking analog artists in the tattoo world and helping them have their first experience with the metaverse, NFTs, and Web3 is a passion project we are excited to bring to fruition. It’s one of the areas we think is most interesting since many of these artists have yet to enter this space and create tattoos that can be used in the metaverse. We believe that we can empower this unique group of physical artists to enter this area and support them by transforming their craft into something that can be used on virtual avatars. For Decentraland users, this will create a new layer/way for them to express themselves – just like we do in the real world. It will make avatars stand out and be themselves (or whoever who they’d like to be). As another layer of expression, this will differentiate Decentraland from other platforms and allow for further self-expression for users of the metaverse.

We know that the time is now:

  1. To create an easy process to allow physical tattoo artists to break into Web3 and the metaverse via the Decentraland platform
  2. To support these artists in this new realm and make it easy for them to convert their craft to something that fits Decentraland’s avatars
  3. To build out a method to add the relevant normal maps and technological specifications to make tattoos visually appealing in Decentraland
  4. To give users the opportunity to further express themselves in Decentraland with tattoos just like they do in the physical world


As a new project we are currently in the researching stage. Our team has VR artists and developers who are passionate about making our concept a reality. We already have a group of tattoo artists who are working on their unique art for this project and our VR team will be transforming their art into VR versions ready to be implemented on avatars in Decentraland. The development team is ready to work with Decentraland to find the best technological solution for how we can integrate into your platform and provide added value to your users.


We’re a team of established professionals around the world with experience in various industries and professions. We’ve come together to devote our collective energy to this project and are excited to take this step with Decentraland to make our vision happen.
Sara - Startup founder, Strategist and Organizational Consultant who is leading the team and our collective vision for the project.
Amit - Analyst, Marketer and Tattoo enthusiast who is leading the artist collective and bringing in talented tattoo artists from around the world to join our DAO and cause.
Marielle - AR/VR digital designer and classically trained artist using her creativity to help each artists transform their work for the best visual experience in the metaverse.
Vlad - Graphic designer and artist who is leading our brand and visual identity.
Nik + Mike - our software development team who is leading the smart contract development and integrative code that will allow us to flawlessly work with Decentraland

Roadmap and milestones

Team building - by March 1
-We will expand our team to add additional designers, marketers, and community managers to help grow our following and prepare for our launch.
Tattoo Collective Art Development - by March 20
-Our tattoo artists collective is working on their art to be part of the initial collection.
VR Art Creation - by April 10
-We will adapt our artists artwork to fit the avatars in Decentraland to provide the best virtual look and feel for each tattoo.
Development for platform integration - by May 1
-Our development team will develop and execute on our integration into the Decentraland platform.

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Hello :slight_smile: We oppened our tattoo shop in Decentraland a few weeks ago !
Pay us a visit at Decentraland

:arrow_right: 25+ legendary tattoo artists have already signed-in to participate in the first tattoo convention in Decentraland organized by our team in february 2022.
View the first Art reveal on OpenSea

We will be able to live-Mint wearable tattoos at this event for the visitors !
:arrow_right: The 30 000 visitors that we had at our last event will be invited to discover Decentraland

You can visit our website for whitelist and project roadmap and if you like tattoos and our project, join us backstage on Discord !

Cheers !

Tattoos for Decentraland Avatars

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 82% 1,640,955 VP (15 votes)