A better way to sell items for individual artists

Better way to make 3D ARtists and Developers wish to stay here

Motivation: This is all what we need ,motivation and a good way to create content for Decentraland

Better way to upload content > Content creators will be motivated > People without job can sell NFT

Background: Basically the idea is simple, i will expose my case as example, i am 3D Artist looking for job and year ago i have found this metaverse. I really would like to create content for this community but the fees are impossible to pay for me and also for other people who i know. I haver worked for other people and teams of this metaverse, and i am so happy to meet this people but what i really wish is to work directly for Decentraland or maybe a good way to show my good ideas to this metaverse by myself, because the last weekend someone scammed me on the “hiring” channel and i have lost 2 days of work for free…

If we can create a better way for individual artists where they can upload to the marketplace their 3D models without to pay the fees from their pocket i am sure 3D artists will stay here making good content.

How can DAO get money with this? When the 3D artist upload their model, DAO will pay the gas and each time the artist get one sale DAO get % of that item sold.

Use cases: If i want to create 30 models and upload 30 models to the marketplace i will need to pay +3000 MANA also i will need to expend a lot of time working without to know if this item will get sales. So the artist without job get motivated because no need to pay money for “work” and Decentraland will get small % each item sold, everyone wins.

The first metaverse i have discovered is Decentraland and i hope the last, because i want to stay here.

Hi there! I am not an artist or creator, so my advice is purely from a consumer products professional and DCL citizen perspective.

First, that is really lame that someone scammed you and wasted your time. I’m very sorry! My advice to help avoid that situation again is to ask the client to provide a deposit up front for you to begin work (perhaps 50% of the total cost), especially if you do not know who you’re working with.

With regards to your use case example (which was v helpful btw!): The beauty of wearables is that you don’t need a huge collection right off the bat. “Item driven” is a totally acceptable route to take! A lot of designers have started with 1 compelling design, which inspired them to create more based on the demand and feedback they received. No pressure to produce multiple designs all at once!

Another idea revolves around exposure of your designs. I believe you can upload your own wearables yourself without submitting it for sale in the marketplace. By doing this, you can flex your creations in-world on your own avatar, create your own content and promotions around it, and see if there’s any interest and demand before submitting to the Wearables Committee to sell it. (Anyone ~ please correct me if I am wrong about this! hehe).

Please note, there is a very supportive digital fashion + wearables community out there and are always looking for more talent! Perhaps in the near future, DCL will host a Wearables Creator Contest that is targeted to first time / never published designers to help the cause as well.

I hope these bits of advice are helpful. Best of luck to you!

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Hey! First of all thanks for your time

Yeah each time there are more scammers and this is because each time there are more intermediate people between the artist and the final customer.

I have tried to upload my first wearable months ago without success i paid 50 mana for upload a Halloween stilyzed helmet, but i only got 3 sales probably because i am not popular, i don’t have too much visivility.

Yesterday i have seen the DAO community have aproved some grants to individual artists, video recorders and other kind of proyects like photography art gallery.

So i started to think… if i have worked this year on a lot of proyects for other people here, and everyone liked a lot my 3D models… and DAO accepts individual artists i wanted to try it.

Maybe the community don’t know too much yet, but i have posted my social network and portfolio where they can have some idea about my profile.

ABout to use our items without to publish it, i think it is not possible but anyway i think my idea is really nice, will make to new artists want to stay here and also Decentraland will get % each time the item is sold… Don’t you think?