Marketplace: New Mechanisms for Fees

Hi! My name is Paul and I’d like to propose an improvement to the Decentraland Marketplace.

Allowing new kinds of fees to be set on the marketplace

It would be very interesting if allows for other kinds of fees to be charged by the issuers of NFTs. This would include mechanisms similar to the SuperRare marketplace, like a fee that goes to the original creator of the piece; or a commission charged by the curator that allowed the DAR (the contract holding all the NFTs) to be placed into the Marketplace.



As stated on their FAQ, OpenSea takes a 2.5% fee on the price of each successful sale. This fee may be split with the with the original creator of an item if they have an official partnership with him or her.


There is a simple 3% transaction fee for all purchases, paid by the buyer. For primary sales, there is a 15% commission that goes to SuperRare. The creator receives 85% of the sale. For secondary sales, creators receive a 10% commission, providing passive revenue from an artwork if it continues to trade on the secondary market.


The current Marketplace contract charges a 2.5% fee per each transaction. There’s also a “listing fee” that is currently disabled. The 2.5% fee goes to a burner contract that allows anyone to burn the accumulated balance on the burner contract. That MANA can’t leave the burner contract.

Use cases
Decentraland could onboard more projects into their marketplace if those projects had an incentive to join. The current scheme is focused in burning mana; because that makes for a very important part of Decentraland’s economic model. Having more versatility would make it easier for other projects to join and use our marketplace instead of developing our own (of course, they would have to be voted on by the DAO).

User stories

  • As the creator of an art collection with its own DAR contract, I want to have flexibility into how the fees are distributed.
  • As the Decentraland community, all transactions should still include a fee that gets burned

Open Questions:

  • How to modify the current market contract?
  • Shall we migrate to a new contract?