[DAO: QmcxEgn] Add Decentraland 3rd party NFT to new Marketplace Category

by 0x598f8af1565003ae7456dac280a18ee826df7a2c (pablo)

Add to Marketplace a new category of NFTs which works exclusivelly on decentraland, like Golfcraft, Voxters, ICE poker or 8Metaballs.

Golfcraft: https://opensea.io/collection/golfcraft-game?tab=activity
Voxters: https://opensea.io/collection/voxters
ICE Poker: https://opensea.io/collection/decentral-games-ice
8 Metaballs: https://opensea.io/collection/8-metaballs
Ethermon: https://opensea.io/collection/ethermon

The contracts should support MetaTransactions.
The Royalties information set in the contract via EIP-2981 must be implemented and shown in the UI.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Null
  • Invalid question/options

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Also Compicactus:https://opensea.io/collection/compicactus

All listed NFTs previously have an utility inside decentraland.


100%, OpenSea is great, but some NFTs has issues there and can’t be traded, and having those NFTs on the marketplace will allow more use cases for MANA

Also the DCL Marketplace is the only other place to trade Polygon NFTs


Completely agree! Can confirm that trade on opensea is a pain for many users. We can’t use MANA or MATIC for buying on OS, so a user has to exchange funds to WETH. + We have to change the network, but that will ruin the explorer. It is a too long way.

Also, some people looking for NFT which they’ve got in-world, on the marketplace, or in the backpack. A common question on our discord: “I don’t see NFT I’ve claimed in my backpack”

As well It will be nice if we can get a separate tab for NFTs in the backpack.

Tony, 8MetaBalls


Add Decentraland 3rd party NFT to new Marketplace Category

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 77% 619,606 VP (25 votes)
  • No 22% 183,393 VP (1 votes)
  • Null 1% 431 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Add Decentraland 3rd party NFT to new Marketplace Category

This proposal has been PASSED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

I see the poll has passed, I think is good then to open discussions how to achieve it, specs, necessary resources and viability via Decentraland Foundation github repositories.

What I initially propose for discussion is:


  • The NFT must have an utility far than just a VIP access, for example, you can interact and talk with a compicactus, you can grab your mon and fight with it on Ethermon, you can have a golf club and play golf., billiard stick, wilderness weapon, etc.
  • Double check before adding to marketplace: one DAO approval and also Committe acceptance.


  • From Decentraland Foundation or external developers getting DAO funds to work on a branch, with eventual support from Foundation, for a future Pull request on github.


  • If Decentraland Foundation is open to this idea as the marketplace website code is owned by it.

This is an approximated idea and doesn’t need to be rushed, can be discussed properly for the best solution, if there is any valid.

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