Where is the so called The Primary Sale

On Wearables Editor User Guide | Decentraland , it says:

To view items available to purchase in a primary sale, head to the Decentraland store!

To view items available for secondary sales, visit the Decentraland Marketplace.

However, follow the “Decentraland store” link it takes you into the Decentraland game, and in the game you are near a bus station… then what? Get on the bus and goto the store? Where is the store for primary sale?

Sorry for my confusion. Many thanks for you clearance.

Hey! Thats super weird haha
You dont need to go to the bus stop to buy off the primary market!
Go to the marketplace and you’ll see a few sections :Newest Items, Latest Sales and Latest Listings.

Newest Items is primary sale:

Latest Listings is secondary sale:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much.
So should the official guide correct it? To stop confusing new users.

Totally, I’m currently working with the committee to update guidelines to be clearer and more helpful, so I can add this in as an update!
Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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