Find Plein Plaza in Decentraland

I am not a developer and I have issues understanding how Decentraland exactly works. To take a recent example:

Plein recently purchased some plots of land in Decentraland to build Plein Plaza (Phillipp Plein Brings Exclusive Fashion to Decentraland - NFT Culture | NFT & Crypto Artists Curating Ideas).

How can I find this land or Plein Plaza? Is there a search feature or do you use an address? Will it have in the future a unique URL which can be linked on a website to jump directly to the right location in Decentraland? I still couldn’t figure out how I get to Plein Plaza.

Any instructions would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Anyone can help with that?

If your land coordinates are: 100, - 100
First, you can enter the coordinates in the game and then enter it to transfer it to this land, for example (/ goto 100, - 100). Second, you can create a URL( 在 -100)

Thanks. I figured out meanwhile that I have to use coordinates but still I do not know how to find Plein Plaza. What are the coordinates and how can I find the coordinates for a certain place, e.g. Sotheby’s auction in Decentraland?

If you bought the land, you can find it in the warehouse
If it’s an event address, you can find him in the official event introduction
Just an ordinary coordinate, you can press m to open the map in the game
The most convenient way is to save bookmarks

I do neither own the land nor is it an event. I just would like to know how I can find the coordinates of a certain place such as Sotheby’s, Plein Plaza, etc.?