Welcome to the Decentraland Forum!

Welcome to the Decentraland forums! The purpose of this space is to discuss and coordinate the next steps for the project. Initially, we created this forum for the engineering team to start sharing ideas on how how to improve different aspects of the world, smart contracts, and supporting dApps.

We’re currently working on the following discussions:

  • Adding new Picture Frames to the Marketplace
  • Discussion on optimizing the relay in comms to reduce lag
  • Creating Wearable Items
  • Showing more info about Picture Frames when exploring the world

Do you have any suggestion or idea? Share a design document with us by creating a new post here!


geat thakns for all the fun work!


just joined thx. Hope to get more involved.


i love you @system give me a follow


@collections @system What about my t-short??? I waiting 2 month for your review!!!
Or back my money


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Thank you. I’m really hoping to sell my Wearable Hair, at least 30 of it would be great. =D


It’s nice to know things are actively being improved based on a voting decision. Just got involved in the forums, been a part of DCL for about 6 months now. Thanks for providing a platform for us creators and gamers alike ^.^


We will see about about that soon ! Let’s get fragile for the while :bulb:

Thank you! :white_check_mark: It will be interesting. JimF

Well, amazing concept, just joined, it will be interesting, thanks

Hope soo…Some thing will happing … Hope for best.

OMG this how Web3 work’s now ? very interested @collections @system i am learning

OMG this how Web3 work’s now ? very interested @collections @system i am learning

just joined!! thanks

Hello just joined to make some suggestions

I am looking for a meta to devolop in

But none of them are really all that good to be honest

This one is the best one that i have played

The problem is while there are alot of hang out type stuff which is cool

Theres not enoff actual game to keep people comming back

What i suggest is a way to make simple 2d games like old snes games etc but with decent tools

So one could make levels with character progression and leveling etc all ntfs

Then these could be embedded into a screen like the movie ones with a virtual controller you pick up to start playing

Adding somthing like the ability to make a real arcade woukd be somthing that would add a huge amount of new users

And we need new users

If im missing somthing and this can be done already let me know

But the land size is just not big enoff to make any game thats good enoff to hook someone

And we need hooks

I imagine comming into a street with bit theater on my left dollhouse down the street and an arcade in front of me all flashy like the 80s filled with retro games i made

People using tokens (mana) to play games just like the old days 25 cents per play

I have alot of smaller games i could bring with me and very easily transition most to a new engine

Im sure im not the only one

Having these small games like a platformer or evo game or block type game to eat food type maze game would hook a ton of people and make them want to come back

looking forward to all the new updates. Great job in all you do team.