Wearables Curation Committee Member Nominations

Hey @sgscrap, to not use this threat to spam the channel. One insightful comment in the forum is enough, giving references of previous work and useful links.


Hey folks, the DAO Proposals for the latest batch of nominations are already published. Please make sure to vote on the proposals so we can add the new members to curate better and faster and improve the overall process in general!

@SangoShould Sango be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?
Grimey → Should Grimey be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?
@AndreusAsShould AndreusAs be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?
@michiShould Mitch Todd be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?
@DuckiezKingShould James Guard be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?
@fabeeobreenShould Fabeeo Breen be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?
@kristianShould Kristian be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?

Later today we’ll post the proposal for the last nomination → @Yannakis


This nomination system lacks big time in votes from peoples with actual 3D technical knowledge. I feel that this is all about who has more friends and/or pretty items in the store. This has nothing to do with curation system, which 90% is based on technical aspects. Just because someone does pretty items, doesn’t mean they deserve a spot in the curation committee, they can make pretty items but poorly optimized for in game use, with lack on technical knowledge/feedback, game engine knowledge in general, etc. They also need to be tested, before actually adding them to a list of votes, to know if they deserve an actual spot.
The chosen one needs to have a wide range of visual library, knowing lots of different ip’s "Intellectual property " and a ton of art knowledge in general.
When you curate an item, you need to know what you approve. I see a lot of ripped art and textures in the models being approved.
This is not the right way of nominating someone, the votes are coming from peoples without knowledge. Good luck to the chosen one thou

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The current members of the Wearables Curation Committee perform interviews with all the nominates and preselect the ones that have deep technical knowledge, it is not like just because you’ve been mentioned on the thread will end up being a curator.


@Yannakis DAO Proposal is up! → Should Yannakis be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?


I would like to nominate @TonyDarko, I believe he has extensive technical knowledge in 3D and meets the necessary requirements.

Tony is a 3D artist and wearable designer. he has been working in 3D since 2017 and in Decentraland since 2021, Tony was selected in DCL x Parcel’s MVFW with his suit MECKADUCK (Decentraland - Marketplace) and got a place in this year’s DCLfilm club with his animation he designed and directed the wearables project of NFTribu/NFTianguis (Decentraland - Marketplace) and of the CALAVERSE along with the design of the event in the land (Collection 'Calaverse 2022' created by MujerMaravilla is ready for review! - #8 by AndreusAs).

He has full knowledge of wearable design documentation as he has trained other designers in the Hispanic community to create their own collections and has started an educational project on wearable design in Spanish, Tony represents the Hispanic community of Decentraland and would be great to be part of the curation committee.



Thank you @JeyJey64, this is far too important for me, guys, let me introduce myself, Tony Darko, 24 years old, from Mexico.
I am a 3D artist and wearable designer, founder of Darko Studio, recently verified by the DAO, I am a Graphic Designer with a postgraduate degree in 3D and audiovisual production, I have been working on 3D projects for almost 5 years and at Decentraland since last year. my wearables were selected in the DCL x Parcel MVFW, I got a place in the DCLFILMCLUB with an animation, I have designed wearables for communities like NFTribu/NFTianguis and CALAVERSE, upcoming Hispanic festival.
I have full knowledge of the pipeline of game ready assets and my background in graphic design gives me a plus in terms of lighting and composition (color theory, semiotics, design with purpose), my work as an artist has been exhibited in New York at the Renaissance Protocol expo, I was the winner of the first Ibero-American NFT contest within the avalanche blockchain and I have made animations for music videos, I am capable of any style and work parameter.
I have full knowledge of the wearables creation documentation since I have trained other designers from the Hispanic community to create their own collections and I have started an educational project on wearables design in Spanish, I am currently working on projects for the IMAGINE TO CREATE gallery, I am addon beta tester for BIGTOOT studios (UK) and I’m making avatars for PolygonalMind cryptoavatars and developing an open source facial capture project for decentraland users. I believe that I comply with what is necessary and I hope that the DAO approves it.
You can see my last works here: Tony Darko - Work Reference - Google Drive
my wallet: 0x7e22d9514a99793E80D4FB5E3A9Dfd4931F47c4c


I think adding Tony to the committee is an big opportunity to Decentraland. He is one of the best creators out there in this community not only because of the quality of his work but also because of his long-term vision, his devotion to building a collaborative community, and the great person he is.
He does not stop contributing with disruptive ideas to all the teams in which he participates and besides he is very young, he has a lot to add to this great community! I give my vote to Tony!


Tony can bring a lot to this committee! He is a great designer, detailed and very technical, he has extensive knowledge in the creation of wearables and can help continue to grow this community.


Hello, There is not much more to add from the technical aspect, I think that with his less than 25 years of age he has a very valuable track record and experience in the matter. From a more human perspective, Tony has also been adding value every day with his constant collaboration in the Hispanic community, currently the language barrier is still present and Tony turns out to be a fundamental gateway in the general understanding of asset development for DCL and it would be important that can generate and contribute greater diversity and representativeness to the DAO.

I’m very happy for him and for the growing community.




Tony is a great designer and person. I met him since his entry in the NFT space on 21’ and it’s been great seeing him flourish in the metaverse design scene. He enjoys sharing his journey and knowledge with the latin community and is a great resource in the space. Tony was profesional when working on our first NFTribu Wearable collection adding creative and technical value. It’s a pleasure to count on him this year as we embark on our first NFTianguis wearable artist residency; aimed to educate and onboard artists onto decentraland. Tony is a great addition to have in any team!


i want to work with Decentraland =)