Wearables Curation Committee Member Nominations


A call to add additional members to the Wearables Curation Committee.


While the wearables editor allows anyone to create wearables for Decentraland Avatars, all submissions must be reviewed and checked for technical issues or obvious infringements of Decentraland’s content policies before they may be minted on Polygon and distributed. The Wearables Curation Committee was formed to help with this process.

So far, the Curation Committee has been very successful in helping to review over 500 items. (See this query on The Graph for the most recent stats.)

There are currently only three individuals sitting on the Curation Committee, and the time and effort required to review submissions is exceeding their capacity.

To help guarantee that new wearables are reviewed and passed through the publication process in a timely manner, we need additional curation committee members.

Qualifications of Committee Members

Curation Committee members must have previous experience that demonstrates their ability to provide high quality, technical feedback to creators. Specifically, committee members should have (at a minimum):

  • Practical experience with 3D modeling and animation
  • A full understanding of skin weighting
  • A full understanding of the 3D asset pipeline for Decentraland wearables as documented here
  • An understanding of the glTF asset pipeline
  • A general understanding of the Decentraland platform and Decentraland’s DAO
  • A general understanding of blockchain transactions and layer 2 solutions

Compensation and time requirements

On August 20th, 2021, the DAO approved a proposal to compensate each committee member with 50 MANA for every item they review.

Committee members are compensated per item reviewed (not hourly), and there are no hard time requirements. That being said, the current committee members are working between 10 and 20 hours per week. This workload is expected to change as the number of active committee members fluctuates.

Suggested nomination process

Anyone from the community can nominate a candidate, but people should not nominate themselves. Please post nominations as responses to this thread.

A nomination should include:

  • A short description of the candidate and their qualifications
  • The candidate should then respond accepting the nomination
  • The candidate may then provide further information and examples of their past performance and relevant experience if they feel they have something to add to the nomination

Providing comprehensive biographies and relevant portfolios are critical to ensuring that technically proficient candidates are voted in by the community.

Selection process

As nominations are submitted and confirmed/accepted by the nominees in this thread, the DAO Facilitator can create a simple yes/no DAO proposal for each candidate’s addition to the committee (similar to the process used to hire the DAO Facilitator).


If people have comments, suggestions, or concerns about this process, let’s discuss! Thanks everyone!

I have a few amazing community members in mind, but if I can only nominate one - that would be @HirotoKai. HK’s dedication to the DCL Community, specifically with regards to wearables creation, has been immense and is not unnoticed. HK is active with creation solo and in-collaboration with others. Additionally, HK is consistently supporting others projects, addressing questions, and hosts wearable educational tutorials too. Much respect to HirotoKai!


Awesome, thanks for the nomination! I’m not sure there’s any reason we can’t nominate more than one person though.

Hey everyone!!

I’d like to nominate Laura Uson Dolsac, Malloy, and Sebastian. I think they are going to do an awesome job with this, also all of them are active dcl community creators who know the 3D pipeline of wearables and 3d assets super well.

Here are some details on their backgrounds and experience:

Laura Uson Dolsac

Laura is a lead artist and wearables designer for Polygonal Mind. With a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Laura has been working on video games professionally since 2016. Since Decentralnd’s launch in 2020, Laura has helped to build several successful scenes for projects including Momus Park, ABM, and most recently Etheremon and the Wondertech pledge.

While working for Polygonal Mind, Laura has built or contributed to many popular wearable collections. Notable examples include the Meme, Moebius, and BAYC collections. Laura is a skilled and thoughtful mentor, and has worked with numerous members of the Decentraland community to help them bring their wearables and creations into the world.


Malloy is one half of https://www.feekagames.com/. A professional 3D artist since the age of 18, Malloy originally worked for the HSN US Television shopping channel creating 3D product animations and renders in C4D. After working for 6 months in advertising, Malloy went to university where they received a BA degree in Computer Game Arts.

During their time at university, Malloy worked on various titles, and interned for several game studios in the Guildford, UK, area. Examples include Born Ready Games, Edge Case Games, Atom Republic, and Echo Peak. After graduating, Malloy worked for various studios, helping to launch titles for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

After 8 years of working in the gaming industry, Malloy transitioned to full-time independent work alongside a friend from university. Together, they’ve since provided 6 years worth of work to Atom Republic with Atom Universe content, in addition to working with many other indie studios from around the world. They’ve also recently developed their own mobile game “Patty Stack’, which launched in March of 2021.

Malloy discovered Decentraland about 6 months ago shortly before the launch of the L2 wearables editor. Malloy thoroughly enjoys the wearables creation process, and has worked with several parties within Decentraland’s community, including the Foundation, to help provide 3D content.


Sebastian is Wonderzone’s Art Lead and wearables designer. With a bachelor’s degree in 3D modeling and game design, Sebastian has been working as a professional 3D artist for the last 4 years. Since Decentraland’s launch in 2020, Sebastian has created over 10 different wearables collections for the Foundation and for Wonderzone. Notable examples include the Wonderbot, Outfit of Wonder, and the Materochaser collections.

Sebastian has also worked with numerous members in the community, helping to coach them through the creation and publication process. You can view Sebastian’s portfolio at: Portfolio - A 3D model collection by Sebastian Valla (@sebastianvalla) - Sketchfab

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I would agree @HirotoKai does amazing work and is fully dedicated to the DCL community, i would definately nominate him

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Thank you guys :slight_smile: means a lot!!


Id like to suggest Malloy, he has a strong background in 3D and is an active member of the decentraland community!


I agree Malloy as well is another great candidate for both his 3D background and community involvement

Hello! I was told to post my ETH Address for my nomination to the wearable committee! :slight_smile: 0x716954738E57686A08902d9dd586e813490feE23

Hello there! I was told also to post my ETH address for my nomination so here it is :slight_smile: 0x5d7846007c1DD6dcA25d16CE2f71EC13Bcdcf6f0

Same! here’s the address for my nomination: 0x91e222Ed7598eFBCFE7190481f2fd14897E168c8


Here is my address for the nomination: 0x82d54417FC69681dc74A6C0c68C6DBad5A2857B9