[DAO: QmSSZPp] Should Mitch Todd be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?

by 0x76fb13f00cdbdd5eac8e2664cf14be791af87cb0 (Matimio)


While the wearables editor allows anyone to create wearables for Decentraland Avatars, all submissions must be reviewed and checked for technical issues or obvious infringements of Decentraland’s content policies before they may be minted on Polygon and distributed. The Wearables Curation Committee was formed to help with this process. The Committee is a group of individuals elected by the DAO who are responsible for reviewing and approving wearables submitted by the Decentraland community. Each member holds a key in a multisig wallet that is used to vote on the approval or rejection of each item submitted via the Wearables Editor.

There are currently only 6 members sitting on the Curation Committee, and the time and effort required to review submissions is exceeding their capacity.

To help guarantee that new wearables are reviewed and passed through the publication process in a timely manner, we need additional curation committee members.

The candidate

After the call for nominations, Mitch Todd (https://mitchtodd.com/), digital designer and independent wearable creator was nominated:



On August 20th, 2021, the DAO approved a proposal to compensate each committee member with 50 MANA for every item they review. This compensation structure was modified on November 7th, 2021, when the DAO approved a proposal to link the price of the wearable publication fee to approximately $500 USD and proportionally adjust the Curation Committee’s compensation to 10% of this fee.

Committee members are compensated per item reviewed (not hourly), and there are no hard time requirements. That being said, the current committee members are working between 10 and 20 hours per week. This workload is expected to change as the number of active committee members fluctuates.

Necessary qualifications

Curation Committee members must have previous experience that demonstrates their ability to provide high quality, technical feedback to creators. Specifically, committee members should have (at a minimum):

  • Practical experience with 3D modeling and animation
  • A full understanding of skin weighting
  • A full understanding of the 3D asset pipeline for Decentraland wearables as documented here
  • An understanding of the glTF asset pipeline
  • A general understanding of the Decentraland platform and Decentraland’s DAO
  • A general understanding of blockchain transactions and layer 2 solutions

Should Mitch Todd be added to the Wearables Curation Committee?

  • YES, add Mitch Todd to the Wearables Curation Committee
  • NO, do not add Mitch Todd to the Wearables Curation Committee
  • Invalid question/options

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Michi Todd is a true professional and 3d modeling wizard! I couldn’t think of anyone better to have on your team!!


Amazing designer and super helpful in the community


Has been supporting the community since he joined, Always lurking in the forums and quite an amazing and professional creator when it comes to 3D modeling. You got my YES.


Mitch Todd for sure, amazing designer, been following is work for a long time


YES!!! YESS!! And once again YESSSSSS! MICHI has proven himself again again and again that he is top tier this man is single handedly changing the wearable game! Nothing would be the same without him he Is a pure soul and genuine creative spirit!! He would thrive on the DOA BOARD and it’ll make me so so happy to be able to see him sittin on the throne he so rightfully deserves!! Again this man is doing it all and it’s just one man not a team one amazing person I love u MICHI <33


Yes~!! Supportive of other creators and provides constructive criticism. DCL wearables will be all the better with him in the WCC!


@michi mitch Todd is an amazing artist and great to work with. Prompt, friendly and easy to deal with. Would be fantastic in the role.


Yes, Please, As soon as possible


Michi Todd most definitely should be on the Curation Committee. He is an all around wearable legend in DCL and very knowledgeable in this field of expertise.


Cannot think of a better person let alone a creative than Michi to be added to this role. He continues to prove himself to be a strong supporter of causes larger than himself, he is always setting a high standard of engagement with all parts of the DCL community, and he has shown his skill through his many collaborations with emerging DCL brands. This is a no brainer.


yesss! 1,000% yesss yes, yes, yes, yes, yes


DCL needs People like michi! Great unique Personality, fucking awsome skills and Big C…ää Heart :blue_heart: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes you should add Mitch !

Great Idea,
Great Candidate.
Michi would be a valuable addition to the Wearables Curation Commitee!

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes!!!

10000% he def should be part of the Curation Committee, and a true professional at his craft!
In my opinion @michi is already a legend in the community, and its only the beginning! :sunglasses:


@michi was the first person who ever reached out to me in DCL and we have stayed connected ever since then. He takes the time to help whoever is in need and the DCL community is truly grateful for him.


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@michi is well-deserved for the role! His works are inspirational. He wins my vote. Good luck :smile:

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Adding Mitch Todd to the wearables committee is a no brainer! He is amazing and will be a valuable asset to the team