Collection 'Calaverse 2022' created by MujerMaravilla is ready for review!

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. Please, close this gap here:

  2. Unfortunately, non-humanodi shapes are not allowed thus the “Xolo” item can’t be approved. Consider changin it into something else.

  3. Lower bodies with static legs are not allowed, too. Consider changing it into something more technically appropriate.


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Hi AndreusAs, this is Tony Darko, i´m one of the designers on this project, first of all, thanks for the fast answer, we really appreciate it.

1.We are fixing the male catrine version, no problem.

2.“Xolo” wearable is big part of the calaverse storytelling so we would like you reconsider to approve it thinking about the following examples:
Centaur of the Plains - Decentraland Marketplace

Winter Drake - Decentraland Marketplace

Skeleton Mermaid Tail - Decentraland Marketplace

Astro Pink UFO - Decentraland Marketplace

DECypher Chicken raptor - Decentraland Marketplace

There are a lot of non-humanoid shapes already verified, also all of these examples are lower body category.

  1. The reason we made static legs is because we want the keep the “morticia” aesthetic so we don’t want the run animation affect the legs to keep the straight shape all time.

    Please see all of this examples with static lower bodies already approved.
    Rare Weed Nimbus - Decentraland Marketplace

    Wheelchair with Medal - Decentraland Marketplace

    VroomVroom Model O - Decentraland Marketplace

All of this are amazing wearables, even if they have static legs (or no legs) they are justified by the design concept, is the same with the catrine female version, please think about i just wrote, i´ll be waiting for your answer.
Once again, thanks for your time and the fast answer, have a good day :smiley:



  1. These were approved before such kind of wearables was regulated in the commitee. Such pieces are not allowed now due to possible technical incompatibilities.

  2. Some designs, such as the cloud or the VroomVroom are supposed to be completely static, thus making floating effect for the whole avatar. In these cases it’s justified (and even such cases are a no-no for the committee atm, let alone completely static avatars, such as the wheelchair). As for your case - it’s not the same, there supposed to be legs under the dress, and without proper animations the model looks completely out of place in motion. You could turn the lower body into some kind of a stylized ghost, so that it looks ok being static, I will go with it.


Hi, AndreusAs, thanks for your reply, we already fix the male catrine version but we have a problem when we upload the file, we can´t upload both versions, can you help us with that? when we upload the cratine male version we erase the female version and the same happens when we try with the female version first. thanks

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Hey! There is an option to add a representation to an already published item here, just choose the item in the collection, and the window will appear:



I am MujerMaravilla, part of the team of the Calaverse Festival.

We have changed the concept of the Xolo wearable to feet category to meet the requirement and we have corrected the female version of Catrine to represent it as you indicated, now a levitation of the character is emulated as if she were a ghost. The orange flowers that have been added in the tradition of the “Día de Muertos” represent the path to the other side, the world of the dead, by adding it we represent that ghostly path from one world to the other.

The male version of Catrine has also been fixed.

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We hope that with these changes we will meet the required requirements while maintaining the concept and storytelling of the project.

We await the answer, thank you in advance!

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Catrine version is good to go now.

I will consult with the commitee about the Xola. Could you please provide me info why it’s very important to have this exactly this way? In PM of course.


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Hi Andreus,

Thank you very much for your attention, the Xolo wearable is a very important piece of the festival’s storytelling: The Calaverse is the metaverse of the dead that the living can access during “the day of
dead” ( El día de muertos). “El día de muertos” is a traditional Mexican festival in which the Xolo (Xoloitzcuintle dog breed) plays a very important role. The “Xolo” is an ancestral dog breed in Mexico and has been accompanying this festival since its origin, it is said that the Xolo accompanies you to the mictlán (heaven) for that reason this wearable will represent that trip for those attending the festival. Different activities are being prepared around this figure.

As a curious fact, it is said that the Xolos accompany you as long as you are good with dogs :wink:

And btw Tony and me, we are from Mexico and for that reason we are very excited to bring this event to Decentraland.

Thank you again for all.


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We’ve had a discussion in the commitee and here is the resolution: unfortunately, non-bipedal wearables are not allowed, even as an exception. You’ll have to change Xolo into something else.


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We want to insist on the Xolo approval based on the following premises:

In the official documentation on the decentraland website, the reasons why the verification is being blocked do not appear. It is not mentioned that non-bipedal forms are not allowed.

The criteria for approving a wearable should be based on the official documentation published on the website. A user cannot know what is being discussed in a committee if it is not published on the web.

For the Xolo, the requirements that appear in the official documentation have been met both at the level of triangles, textures and weight of the files. In addition, special work has been done to make the wearable technically functional so that the emotes and avatar animations do not cause problems in any situation.

The legs have been rigged so that the movements are natural and of great quality, a very laborious and meticulous job. In addition, its design as a lower body complies with being compatible with other wearables by respecting the limits between waist and feet that are defined in the documentation for the lower body.

The Xolo also meets the requirement to respect the armature humanoid form of the avatar, clearly maintaining a human form that is compatible with other accessories. Pants have been included for the male version and a skirt for the female version, giving meaning to being a wearable.

The insistence with this wearable is due to the fact that it is part of the entire story of the Day of the Dead festival. It is a key piece in this tradition and that is why it has been included in the project in the most correct way possible.

The marketplace is full of wearables that are neither humanoid nor bipedal, since it is truly a challenge for a creator to produce such pieces without affecting the gameplay or the quality of the Decentraland experience.

We have made proposals to adapt the wearable in different ways in order to maintain the concept and comply with the regulations, but all of them have been rejected without much explanation.

We kindly request that this case be reconsidered and the collection approved based on the justifications provided.

The fact of not giving us an alternative in any way to being able to include the Xolo as a wearable despite having given so many cultural and technical justifications, we consider to be a problem.

A problem for all Decentraland creators and one that should be openly discussed.



Hey @Karinai2C and @TonyDarko , you are not the first person who has put a lot of effort into such a design that applies all the game avatar armature weight criteria to wearables and it all works well. I had such a design before and it was opposed by the committee.
Collection 'BULL Mount' created by ARMANNFT#bba7 is ready for review!
Because it was decided before me to stop approving such wearables. Of course, this issue is not included in the general rules of the game, but the committee has the authority to add and apply new rules to it with the agreement of the members, which are applicable to future and new designs, and this is inevitable. Of course, with the experience I have had of weighing 4 legs on the armature of the game Avatar, it is quite clear that you have put a lot of effort into its design. If we assume that the committee decides to approve your collection with your insistence, it will be unfair to stop the publication of my collection and others. I think your push to try to get it approved will only delay the release of your entire collection. Maybe it’s better to replace it with another design so that you can publish your wearable sooner. Of course, I am not one of the experts and the committee, and I only presented my opinion in this regard as a member of the designer community. I hope you are successful in your work.

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Hi, thanks for commenting on your case, dialogue is always good for the community of creators, I understand what you say and we have the complete disposition to make changes in case the committee rejects our last comment.

Our main interest in having this wearable approved is because it is part of the story telling of the “dia de muertos” a mexican event with a great cultural load, the xolo is a mythological dog that has a very similar role to caronte in greek mythology, in this case we plan to program a series of experiences that interact with this wearable through the SDK following the myth, this short video explains what the mictlan is, we believe that this case is different from your case and that is why we seek an exception with the committee. What is the Mictlan? - YouTube

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Following your example I don’t think it can be unfair, let’s think about the changes in the price of verification, is it unfair? If someone paid more usd and at the moment the verification cost was lowered, would they have to return funds to those who paid more? I think not, we must understand that this type of decisions are constantly changing in favor of the community and the DAO, if they make a decision and accept designs that were not allowed before it is part of this process of constant learning and improvement, if we follow your argument we could say that as these designs are no longer allowed they would have to delete the designs that were allowed before with the same characteristics? Of course not! the committee must have a critical and unbiased sense in decision making, for example in one of the most recent Decentraland games, VROOMWAY, it makes total sense to approve wearables with non-human figures because the design is justified with the purpose it has, another similar case is PETAVERSE who even have a grant from the DAO Building the Petaverse Park - The Decentraland experience for pet lovers!
If they made wearables similar to these it would also make sense to approve them because the context justifies it, if we are 100% rigorous I could list here the collections that do not meet the standards of the 1500 Tris limitations and yet they were approved but that is not the point, by common sense and the critical capacity of the verifiers it is understood why they were approved, that is what the community is all about! #LessCompetitionMoreCollaboration

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Hey everyone!

I truly understand why you want Xolo to be the way it was initially designed, that’s why I brought up the discussion in the commitee. Unfortunately, there are guidelines, that do not allow us approval of non-bipedal wearables, even if it’s justified by a concept. Such a guideline was introduced due to incompatability of standard avatar skeletons with such items: even considering the fact, that you did truly great job skinning those models and making sure they function nice, it’s still an ersatz measure, quite a lot unnatural behaviours can be found simply because such wearables require their own skeletons, which cannot be provided by the engine atm.

Although, it’s possible to make a smart-wearable, that is applied to avatars on some lands only. I’m afraid, it’s the only way out the situation, if you want to keep Xolo as it is now.

Otherwise, the decision is final.


Good morning AndreusAs, I have read this whole thread, and the conclusion I understand is that as in every city, there are codes that establish what can be built and what cannot, just like in DCL the guides are public and known by all.

The guidelines behind closed doors that you have, since they are not published, cannot be applied until they become effective.

In other words, it is not the issue of the wearable itself, it is the procedure that is not being clear, therefore it would not innovate in the criteria if it is not the one officially published.

It seems to me a good time to understand that the community is created based on clear rules for everyone, and an opportunity to rethink the decision they made.

Thank you very much for the effort you all make to build this new world.

Best Regards,



Hey @ROBOTMETROPOLIS you can find all the rules on the Docs here: Creating Wearables | Decentraland


Many thanks Yannakis, yes we already had this guidelines.