Waifumon Earing Fairy Wearable - Aaron Leupp

Waifumon Fairy Earring Wearable - Aaron Leupp

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  1. Description of the Collection: They will be Earrings that come with a little Waifumon Fairy friend that flies next to your shoulder. They will come in three glowing lights 1. light blue (rare) 2. pink (common) and 3. dark purple (legendary) to represent the levels of rarity in the Waifumon NFT collection www.waifumon.com

  2. They will be small sliver hoop Earrings with the Fairy floating just like the amazing 3D ape with jetpack, Mease’s machine owls and the floating robots!

  3. It is me and the castle crew team behind www.waifumon.com and www.castlecrew.com

  4. The purpose will be to sell. We give some away at events for promotion (the pink ones) as well as the blue and purple ones to our rare skin Waifumon NFT holders but the rest we would like to sell.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to any changes we need to make to make this a reality!


Correction I will only be releasing the 1 fairy (light blue) and it is not rare I chose (common) for now since I could only afford the 500 mana to get this approved. If i make profits off this I will then submit pink and dark purple and they will be other brackets of rare too since I am still learning the process. Thanks.