W241 - Ethermon in Decentraland

1. Ethermon in Decentraland (Background)

Ethermon is developing a full-blown, expansive RPG game in Decentraland. Users will be able to take their Ethermon NFT’s, which are cross-compatible on the Ethermon.io site, and train them, battle with them, capture them, use them to loot rewards, and so much more. Over 200 Ethermon are in development for release in DCL.

One of the core new exciting features is the Ethermon "Dig” function, to be announced 1st Week of September, where users will be able to explore DCL and find both off-chain and on-chain rewards (i.e. Fruit Seeds, Ethermon Eggs, along with materials & wearables, etc.).

Wearables (or materials to craft them) will be LOOTABLE through digging. These wearables will also provide important player & Ethermon buffs and access in various parts of our game!

The Mon-Trainer Set

The Mon-Trainer Set will serve as the base collection for the serious Mon trainers, battlers & collectors.

Each piece in the set will have its own unique attribute boost that will buff the player and the Mon in both new and existing portions of our game.

2. Design Concept (Reference Example):

The set will consist of the following:
A) Mon-Trainer Hat with Ethermon Logo (Hat)
B) Sporty Mon-Trainer Jacket (Upper-body)
C) Matching Mon-Trainer Track Pants (Lower-body)
D) Mon-Trainer Shoes/Boots (Feet)
E) Barkindle Mask (accessory 1)
F) Ruffski Mask (accessory 2)

Each wearable will provide its own unique ‘buff’. Some examples include: damage buff in PvE mode, more backpack space, increased chance to find loot when digging, increased chance for Mons to drop loot when defeated, etc.

3. Team Working on this Project

Ethermon Team – EB (Eric), Idon, Press & Emma
Nycolas - Creator of the DCL Dragon Nest & Winner of Game Jam 2019
MetaZone Team – Will, Corv & Iman
3D-Modeler = KJ Walker and her team of 3D artists at lowpolymodels.org

4. Purpose

We will be working on Ethermon in Decentraland for years to come. We are committing a lot of time, effort & funding to develop a large-scale, progressive gaming experience for both Ethermon and Decentraland users alike! We are well underway with development.

The purpose of these wearables will be to enhance the experience of anyone playing our various game modes. We will design them in a way so that they will retain value aside from their resell-ability. The true value of these wearables will be in their ability to help the player earn.

We will make the majority of the wearables LOOTABLE through our new ‘Dig’ functionality as a rare drop in addition to the large pool of loot we will be providing. We may retain some of the wearables to be given as prizes for future competitions involved with the release of new game modes!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our proposal. If you have any questions at all about the DCL game or our plans for the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out in our discord! :slight_smile:


Cant wait for this! Wearables with enhanced gameplay is a natural step for this game.


Thanks man. Couldn’t agree more!

Looks awesome such an innovated way to incorporate wearables with game play.

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Wow, the wallet is gonna be lighter after these.


Nice to see the cross-compatible aspect. Excited to see where this goes.

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Made an account just to comment… can’t wait! Is there any order for which mons will be added first?

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insaaaaaaaane, something “Pokemon-esque” love it!!!

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Yeah! we’ll be releasing all of the Form 1’s (first evolutiuons) initially, and then adding the evolutions and legendary Mons!

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NEED the Barkindle mask

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I need this ish. pls rngjesus. Your my lordd and savior. GIMME THE BARKINDLE MASK!!!

JKJK! gimme the RUFFI MASK!

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Super hyped for this!
Finally I can be a real ethermon trainer!

Hope I can earn something by walking around with my mon…
1 in 1,000 day chance of evolution :open_mouth:

nice wearables for trainers.