[DAO: QmanR9S] Expanding and Upgrading Ethermon District Gameplay

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Ethermon is a play-to-earn game ecosystem, revolving around dynamic Mon NFTs and spanning a growing number of platforms and blockchains. It launched as the first NFT battle game on Ethereum in 2017.

When the original team decided to end development, the most passionate players stepped up and took over the project in 2019. This has been a community-driven project ever since.

Our browser-based PVP battle game has steadily grown to over 280K registered accounts on ethermon.io. However, our most exciting and intensive development is our Ethermon District in Decentraland.

Our mission is to turn the largest game-focused district (668 LAND) into the most active and immersive full-scale MMO-inspired experience in Decentraland.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Our team has dedicated 11 months now to building the Ethermon District into the best MMO game possible — focusing on the gameplay experience before monetization. All of us in the DCL community are blazing trails through the challenges inevitable in this new frontier of metaverse gaming.

This project has come an incredibly long way since it began in 2017. For Ethermon to reach the full potential we saw when we decided to take over the project as players and community members, we are inviting all of you across DCL to join our community.

The funding requested would allow us to make key hires and server upgrades necessary to achieve the ambitious goals detailed in Alpha 2.0 and Alpha 3.0 of the roadmap below. We want to deliver these exciting updates on an expedited timeline for our community who has been with us since the beginning.

Let’s make this a truly community-driven success and take Ethermon to the next level.


We launched the pre-alpha version of the Ethermon District in April 2021. Post-release, we have been improving it around the clock for nearly a year with a dedicated global team. You can now explore our extensive town center with your 3D-rendered Mons, enjoy regular community events, and battle PVE enemies in the first of 6 battle biomes.

Alpha 1.0

The Alpha 1.0 version of Ethermon in DCL involves a complete gaming ecosystem. The following features have now been completed.

Click here to visit the live Ethermon District at 79,52.


Complete Builds & District Development

  • Ethermon District Plaza where you can hang out with friends and explore the buildings making up the foundation of our District’s P2E ecosystem, now in active development
  • Battle Biome 1: Forest theme, where you can battle PvE enemies for loot drops
  • Custom Player House with unlockable features and upgradable content


Complete Mon NFT integrations

  • 60+ Mons that are modeled, animated, and fully functional in DCL — on both Ethereum and Polygon
  • Live Display of all Mon and PvE enemy stats
  • Mon Spawning so you can instantly spawn any DCL-ready Mon in your collection
  • Implementation of Mon Teams to rebalance the game economy by making it fair for all levels of Mon holders


Complete Game Mechanics & Ecosystem

  • Real-time, turn-based battles with over 100 unique battle moves for your Mons
  • 8 new types of PvE enemies to challenge your Mons
  • 50+ new types of loot to win from PvE battles
  • Inventory System to collect and display your items as you adventure , and an additional Storage System to organize surplus loot in your House
  • Ability to Craft & Burn Loot, turning loot drops into either premium items or other rewards


Click here to see screen captures of the above progress


Core Team

Our core team includes game design, metaverse, and blockchain industry experts.

  • Eric (EB), Co-Founder and 3D Lead
  • Idon, Co-Founder and Blockchain Tech Lead
  • Jamie, COO
  • Ryan (Rmac), CMO
  • Nycolas, Lead Game Designer & Front-End Developer
  • Inihility, Full Stack Developer
  • Juxton, Front-End Developer
  • Mohib (Mariana44), Back-End Developer
  • Polygonal Minds (Lau and Hugo), 3D Artists
  • Arpesh, 3D Artist
  • Javid, 2D Artist

In addition to our core full-time team of 12 listed above, we have grown to over 50 total part-time employees and passionate volunteers, including devs, artists, community moderators, and dedicated support agents.

Roadmap and milestones

Q2 2022 — ALPHA 2.0

In final Alpha development, we will solidify the District’s resource-driven economy.

  • Biome Bosses (see teaser)
  • Player Skills to level up as you chop wood, mine ore, and fish for resources
  • Equipable NFTs & Wearables
  • Consumable Items for in-battle buffs
  • In-game Music, Sound effects & Feedback
  • WebSocket Server Upgrade to view other players’ Mons, battle, and loot
  • 120 Total Mons

Q3 2022 — BETA 1.0

Our full-scale Beta release is defined by a massive expansion of play-to-earn gameplay. This includes more than doubling the playable Ethermon District size, with the addition of 2 new Battle Biomes. There, you’ll encounter new enemies, bosses, resources, loot, quests and features to progress and earn even more.

  • Battle Biome 2: Dark Forest theme
  • Battle Biome 3: Mountain theme
  • Form Guilds to achieve special quests and compete in guild v. guild tournaments
  • Custom Housing for both guilds and single players to develop in-district and even on owned LAND
  • Player-owned Shops to sell your loot in the Ethermon Plaza and level up your merchant experience
  • New Player Skills to cook consumables, blacksmith NFT wearables, and construct house upgrades
  • PvP Battle Tournaments
  • Multiplayer Battles against Biome Bosses
  • Visual Upgrades: animations of 100+ unique Mon moves, loot drops, battle scenes, and more.
  • 180 Total Mons

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Ethermon is among the most ambitious play to earn games in Decentraland. I’m happy to support the next phase of development.


A really cool project with a lots of things to offer to the players. We definitely need more of these projects in DCL!


I joined DCL in August of 2020 and began as an indie Decentraland SDK developer in the Fall of 2020, after nearly 20 years in Web2 development across a number of startups. When I built Franky’s Tavern with Franky Needles as a pet project (and a way to learn the DCL SDK), my goal and dream was always to make developing in Decentraland my full time job. Not short term profits - a long term career.

One year after joining DCL, I made that dream a reality when I joined the team at Ethermon as a full time DCL SDK developer. My role with the team is focused on building the 2D UI/UX (aka all the HUDs) that will be used for all the new game features we’re rolling out - loot, crafting, move equips, teams, guilds, PVE and PVP tournaments, the list goes on …

I’ve been with the Ethermon team now for 7 months and I’m continually inspired by what a small team of passionate and super smart people can produce. Every single person cares deeply about the success of the project. While things may look quiet, we’ve been hard at work, and have much coming very soon that I’m extremely excited about. As a member of the team, but moreso - as a fan and Ethermon player, and an “OG” in DCL as they say.

With this funding we can continue to go above and beyond and deliver a game experience in DCL that has never been seen on this scale. It will benefit the entire ecosystem - the players, the partners, the community and Decentraland at large.

The future is bright. Please help us get there.


No brainer yes vote for me…


Where is the MVP and how is it performing?

everyone wants 240k$ for a dream project, but you might as well ask for 5k$ ish first, build something in dcl that actually attracts some crowd?

I know Facebook has attempted to coin the term ‘Meta’ and drive it through the dirt, but Ethermon is one game that truly delivers on the experience. Their NFT’s have utility across multiple platforms, actual utility and not just a bunch of hype talk of things that are ‘going to come’. Ethermon has delivered and continues to deliver on their promises. I would never have created an account and started adventuring in Decentraland if it was for the utility and gameplay that Ethermon provides.

If you cannot tell from all my positive feedback, I encourage everyone to join me in a vote for YES!


This really a Brilliant Project, a more advance evolution of Play to earn NFT games I’ve ever encounter, the Mons ,the arts, can’t wait to interact the mons with VR and play with them, hope we can hear how the Mons talks and speak with them in the future , definitely exciting game indeed :slight_smile:


Eric and team Superb work, we are happy to support the proposal. Much needed development in decentraland. Please email us at info@imining.com we would like to discuss your gameplay and possible collaborations. Best for 2022.

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Expanding and Upgrading Ethermon District Gameplay

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Expanding and Upgrading Ethermon District Gameplay

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