W226 - FKJ Watch Wearables Proposal

FKJ Wearables Proposal


KJWalker, FGR3D, Franky Needles, Drew(Metafactory)

Overall Idea:

We would like to create a watch wearable that would tell time in-world. We would like it to look like a luxury watch as we have plans to pair it with an actual luxury watch in the future. Drew would be the lead on that idea. The watch would have a few different iterations (MANA, DCL, FKJ, Metafactory, ect.) We would like the NFT to give you the ability to buy the physical watch from the store but only if you possess the NFT. The way that would work is if you have the NFT in your wallet you would be able to purchase the limited-edition physical watch from a shop built in-world.

These watches would call for a limited supply because the physical representation would most likely be rare. Our team has already started looking into the process and believe we could start work around September 2020. We believe that this added feature could create an in-world/real world connection that adds value to the item, adding value to DCL as a product in general. The idea is not limited to this one item but we believe that this would be a great launching point for future digital/physical collaborations.



Metafactory - https://shop.metafactory.ai/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMetaFactory

KJWalker and FGR3D - https://lowpolymodels.org/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KJWalker3D

Franky Needles - https://twitter.com/FrankyNeedles


This team is always coming out with high quality designs. Iā€™d rock this.