W223 - Cryptocouture

1. Description of the Collection
Cryptocouture is a collaboration between cryptoartists. It is inspired by the old-school haute couture ateliers of Paris, in particular Christian Dior, but with a surreal, space-age metaverse twist. Oculardelusion initiates the fashions in VR, sculpting them in Tilt Brush. She then sends the files to y0b who translates them into the wearables concepts. Ilan Katin does the fine tuning in 3D to ensure their optimization and compatibility. Each dress concept becomes a collectible not only as DCL wearables but also in a series of tokenized media including video, still images and VR scenery files so that the owner can experience the dress in several layers of experience.

2. Design Concepts
Each of our sets of wearables will consist at least of a dress (upper and lower body). Each dress will also come with matching hat or headpiece, neck jewelry, brooch, shoes, and so on, depending on the design. The wearables can be mixed and matched with other sets. We encourage playful self-adornment.

3. Team
oculardelusion: digital artist working in such mediums as animated projection and VR. See directory at cryptoart.net/oculardelusion and website at [karenfranceseng dot com]

y0b: designer and artist. Works in media art and game design. Website: [lenara dot com]

ilan katin: digital artist working with 3D modeling (Blender, cinema 4D), as well as drawing. See https://superrare.co/ilan_katin/creations and website [ilankatin dot com]

4. Purpose
We plan to sell the wearables as pret-a-porter in our boutique and at other interested outlets. We will also take commissions for bespoke dress concepts from individual clients and for special events (think the DCL Oscars).

5. Concept Images