W204 - Peking Opera proposal for Decentraland Wearables 关于京剧服饰申请Decentraland可穿戴设备的提案

  1. Description of the Collection 介绍
    Traditional Chinese clothes had played an important role in the contemporary fashion show. The color, materials, and design from the traditional Chinese style affected some of the fashion considerations. Hence, we believe the traditional Chinese style can be one of the components of the wearables in Decentraland.
    Peking opera, or Beijing opera, is the most dominant Chinese opera that combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics. On this collection, we propose to get the inspiration from Peking opera costume and redesign it to fit in the Avatar in Decentraland.

  2. Design Concepts 设计概念
    The costumes of Peking opera worn by the actors fall into four main categories. The ‘Mang’ is a court robe worn only by imperial family members, prime ministers, or generals. Imperial members and upper-class persons wear a ‘Pei’ as casual clothing. Warriors wear ‘Kao’ as a kind of armor. Middle class and ordinary people wear ‘Zhezi’, as casual clothing. Within each of these are countless sub-categories, indicated by variations in colors and patterns. Each specific costume includes elaborate and colorful shoes and accessories such as crowns, helmets, hats, caps, belts, and hairstyles.

  3. Team 我们团队
    Metaverse Labs: Our team focuses on developing and supporting Metaverse building, our team have 3D modeler, architecture designer, and interactive artist. Currently, our team is developing the Dragon City(dragoncity.io) in Decentraland.
    Also, our team had experimented in building TAVA Club in Decentraland, with images showing below.
    我们团队还拥有开发TAVA Club的经验,以下是这个项目的展示图片。
    1 2 3

  4. Purpose 目的
    Attract the Asian community to engage in Decentraland and introduce Chinese culture to the West through the elements in the wearables NFT. In order to get more funding to continue developing for Metaverse Labs, we will sell our wearables NFT.
    通过这个服饰的设计开发我们希望能帮助Decentraland吸引更多的亚洲玩家,以及把中国传统文化介绍到西方世界。我们将会销售这些NFT用来作为Metaverse Labs持续开发的经费。


This is so cool. I can’t wait to get it! :clap:t2:

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To attract the Asian communities into Decentraland we needed an Asian theme. This is the perfect candidate.

Anything aimed at the Asian communities is an excellent proposal.

I am in :slight_smile: