W193 - Chestnutbruze's Pirate outfit, yarrrr!

1. Description of the Collection
I’m developing a fishing game called ‘’‘The Kingfisher’’ where players fish for treasure inside a stranded ship. There’s a ghost on this ship called ‘‘The Fisher King’’ and it’s his outfit I want to create. You can see the concept art beneath this.

You can see a preview of the game it’s being made for here: https://share.decentraland.org/b/scene/a7a5ee70-a18f-46c2-acee-d22939cf38b4

First up we got a classic pirate cap with a red feather. A stylish yet rugged pirate coat. A pair of fancy pants fitting for a swashbuckler. Some watertight boots that’ll last a long voyage at sea. An old timey colonial wig, and last but not least an Magnificent moustache reserved for the finest of gentlemen / women. These will all be unisex btw, even the moustache!

All these wearables will have functionality. As they are crafting rewards from my fishing game. Each piece will award the user with a fishing bonus, and maybe increased chance at catching certain fish that you need for recipes.

2. Design Concept

3. Team
All the 3d modeling will be handled by me (Chestnutbruze) personally. I’ve done plenty of wearables previously. For the launch of DCL in february I was contracted by DCL to create 5 different wearable sets. Barbarian Outfit, Razor Blade outfit, Outfit of Wonder and the Trendy outfits. I also created the Meteorchaser set for Wonderzone amusement park.

You can find all the outfits in the first link:
https://skfb.ly/6UJ7B - All DCL outfits

4. Purpose
A portion of the wearables will be sold to fund the development of Kingfisher. And a portion will be used as rewards in the game or to be crafted at Wonderzone.


All your previous designs were perfect and memorable. I am certain whatever you bring to table will also be successful. :slight_smile:

YES from me


Thanks Jason, appreciate it ^^


will the chest really be furry? :grinning:

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Absolutely! I’ll make a poll for how hairy it should be


Yes, it conveys character well)

How will these Wearables differ from the skeleton pirate mythic set that is already out?
Also love the mustache, we need more facial hair in DCL.

Also love your past sets.

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Thanks, glad you like them! was fun creating the past sets

As for this one; It’s gonna be obtainable first of all. The undead pirate set is super expensive, so only the top 1% gets to dress up like a pirate. And It already differs quite a bit in appearance I’d say. I think the only piece that is similar to the undead version is the hat, cause they both are black with red feathers, but I’ll probably change that now that I see the similarity.

Also it will have functionality, which I forgot to mention in my proposal. But it will be a crafting reward from my fishing game, and each piece will award the users a fishing bonus.


Now that is a game changer.

Tying in the wearable to have an additional bonus feature with a game is another excellent use case for this proposal


These aged very well. :blush: